Ultrasound Images Millions of ultrasounds are performed each year, usually to rule out certain disorders or problems. And while the pictures...
Ultrasound Images

Millions of ultrasounds are performed each year, usually to rule out certain disorders or problems. And while the pictures are great to have, it can be hard to tell what you're looking at. Use these images as a guide!

Click here for more images or to share yours! Rachel's baby at 5 weeks, 6 days -- Fetal sonogram images from pregnancy

ultrasound week 5></p>
5 weeks, 6 days -- Fetal sonogram images from pregnancy
<br /><br />For many parents, the ultrasound is a memorable first contact with the little one (or little ones) inside. If your caregiver offers you an ultrasound and you choose to have one, hopefully these images will help you babies!

You can see more ultrasounds here, or view by trimester:

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  • Trimester 2
  • Trimester 3

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