Summer's Exciting Pregnancy Journal

SummerOops! It's been some time since I've written. I guess starting a new part of our company and getting ready for...

Oops! It's been some time since I've written. I guess starting a new part of our company and getting ready for the holidays has really been occupying our time. So here's what's going on.

I really felt some stuff going on this week, of course it was so slight that for all I knew it could be air bubbles. But, then just before the 19th week, I am pretty darn certain these are none other than my approximately 5 1/2 inch, 7 ounce baby doing some tumbling. What an incredible feeling!

Oh, I also started using my BabyPlus. It's this Learning Before Birth thing that you wear around your tummy. It simulates random heartbeat patterns that stimulate the baby's brain, thus making the brain cells stronger (like a muscle) so that less brain cells are lost at birth. Pretty interesting.

Feeling a lot more movement. I am getting teased about my Baby Plus. But, I have faith!

The baby is getting stronger by the day. I have been getting my regular massages and they are heaven!

Week 20
Is it a girl or boy? It's a BOY! A sweet little boy. We had our ultrasound that revealed every inch of him and he was certainly not hiding his parts. We saw, ribs, toes, fingers, spine, tooth buds, nose, lips and everything.

Now we are debating on whether we will get the 4D ultrasound done. We thought we would in the beginnning. Then, I thought - maybe we don't need to and we should just wait. But, then we thought again how cool it would be to see ourselves like that, so we decided we'll do it when I hit the 3rd trimester mark.

Week 21
Irritable? Just a bit. I'm usually fine, then all of the sudden, Kelly will make a joke that is totaly reasonable and my feelings get hurt. Then 5 minutes later I am feeling like an idiot cause I get upset over virtually nothing - and I mean nothing. It's pretty ridiculous. Baby kicks really hard when I wear the BabyPlus. He gets hiccups too. Kelly felt and saw them. My stomach was doing little jumps.

Names? It's way too hard for a pregnancy brained girl to do. I get calls from family members and messages on the machine with lists of names. We had a fine list of girl names and now we can't pick one boy name. Figures.

Week 22
Holiday time and at the end of the week, one more ultrasound. The technician said she wanted more pictures of the face. No fights here.

I still have this collage of dried out pimples on my back. I do,however, have more energy. During the first trimester I could barely make the bed without taking a break. I thought for sure I would be useless as I got bigger.

Instead, I'm like - "Bring on the laundry, the dishes and you sit I'll take the garbage out." But, Kelly doesn't really let me get away with doing too much.

Now we are starting to do the whole birth plan thing. We are scheduling classes for birthing, breastfeeding, hospital tour and geting ready for baby. I've taken care of so many newborns in my life that I think I will know what to do, but it will be a good refresher course as this time it will be my own. And it will definitely be good for Kelly.

For now, I know this - I do not want to be induced (unless of course it is highly medically necessary). No synthetic hormones for me!

I would like to stay as natural as possible, but I am certainly not outruling an epidural. I would like the "walking" one. I don't know. Read about that somewhere. I guess you still have feeling in your legs with that one. I need more info.

I want the baby in my room with Kelly and I at all times. I don't want him staying in the nursery.

I want to breastfeed right away and I want to bond with him right when he's born, before he goes off for tests.

Those are the highlights.

My biggest fear is not the pain of labor. I really don't fear labor at all. I don't fear the possibility of poop on the table. The nausea, bad hair, bad breath, back pain etc.

What I fear? Catheters. If I get an epidural, do I have to have a catheter? It really creeps me out. We'll see. I'm sure my mind will be far from that at the time. But that's my biggest "thing" right now. I should say thing or issue because it's not like I am dreading it, I'm just really "uncomfortable" about it.

Well, I will close now with the fact that I am getting much bigger. I have gained about 13 pounds so far. I believe that is correct and I'm sure the numers will err to the higher side at my next appointment. Especially since it will be just after


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onece the baby was realy small then a fueoweeks later it was moving a little bit
so is it a girl or boy
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