To me having a c-section is the worst and scariest possible way to have a baby. Any tips on how I can make this a somewhat happy experience? I am also really worried about the effects of all the drugs on the baby's ability to breastfeed (and my ability to make milk). I'm also worried about possible complications for me, including post partum depression.
Real moms

I have no help at home other than DH for a week or two, so I really need to recover fast. I also have a couple of logistical problems I'm going to need to solve: we sleep on a waterbed and have no normal beds in the house (DS sleeps on a futon on the floor - there is an extra futon I could sleep on, but that would also be at floor level), also there is no main floor bathroom in our house so I will need to climb stairs every time I need to use the facilities. Any ideas on how to deal with these problems would be welcome.

In general: what can I do to make a planned c-section a positive experience instead of the negative one I so very much fear it will be? Any tips on how to get myself back to normal as quickly as possible? - Carolyn

I can't advise on c-section, but as for the bed, there are two things you might look into. Both cost money, but considering that you will be recovering from surgery, I think it would be worth the cost. Either buy (or borrow) an aero bed--the kind that is the height of a normal bed--for something like $150 US, or rent a hospital bed for a week or two. I have no idea how much hospital beds are, so that might be a really impractical solution. Ask friends or relatives to lend you a twin bed with a frame so it's off the floor.

Also, have DH bring in some gallon jugs of water for your hospital room and drink as much as you can post girlfriend who had a last-minute C-section told me the drugs really made her thirsty. You'll want some good water there for you. - Kathleen

My c/s was not a planned one. But I think you can make it a very positive experience anyway. Take your favorite music with you and a portable walkman style CD player. Listen to the music and relax while waiting for your c/s to begin. They will let you listen to it until you have to go to the c/s room and maybe even in'll have to ask.

Ask you OB to set up a meeting with the anesthesiologists at the hospital ahead of time so that you can talk about the types of anesthesia available to you. You won't necessarily have the same anesthesiologist the day of your delivery, but you need to make an informed decision about what kind of anesthesia is best for you. Probably an epidural or a spinal, both will allow you to be awake for your delivery. I think being able to "participate" in your delivery and meeting your baby right away would probably help you a lot. I did not meet Keegan until later because I had a general and I wish I could have been there awake for his birth, but truthfully it was not all that devastating. I had him all to myself in the middle of the night and that was more heavenly then anything I could imagine.

You might want to have a special evening the night before with your husband and con, kind of a party to celebrate the next day's big arrival. You will find having your delivery date being known really kind of neat.

Let's see, as to post delivery I really found it to be not bad at all. I had no miserable constipation to deal with and could sit any way I wanted. The nurses were excellent with offering advice on pain medication. My advice is don't skimp in the first 24 hours. I was up and showering in less than 4 hours. And I was using only Darvocet and Ibuprofen in less than 12 hours. But I took them faithfully. I can't remember exactly but I think I did not need anything by the end of the first week.

Breastfeeding I would not think you will have any problem given you just recently weaned your son. Your breasts will know what to do. Just start immediately after delivery. The nurses will help you given you will need a few extra pillows.

Your c-section scar will be low and transverse. Mine healed without any problems.

Don't pick up son. You must sit down and have him crawl into your lap. That will help keep you from pulling anything. I would make the suggestion that you have several hours post delivery that is just for your husband and you to be with the baby. You need a special quiet time for yourselves and then the next day welcome family. After you go home try to maintain a low visitor flow at first.

Now the tricky bed question, I have a waterbed but I slept on a regular bed for the first couple of weeks. I don't recommend trying to get in and out of a waterbed until you really feel comfortable with your healing. It is something only you will be able to judge.

I like Kathleen's suggestions, but you might consider also looking for a cheep frame at someplace like Goodwill or Salvation Army (charity ran stores) and just buying an inexpensive mattress. Then just give them back to charity when you don't need them anymore. Or in borrowing one, maybe you could ask to put a note up at your church to see if anyone would be willing to loan you one for a month or two. People would probably love to help a new mommy with this dilemma. - Beth

As a mom who has had 3 c-sections, I'm here to tell you that while I also would much rather have had a vaginal birth, my last planned c-section was pretty awesome. The first two were unplanned, and I had an epidural. If you have a choice - I would recommend going for the spinal anesthetic. I had the "shakes" really bad with the epidural, and not at all with the spinal. If it starts to make you feel nauseous while on the table, let the doctor know, and they can put something in the IV to make it go away - almost like magic! LOL!

Ask your doctor to hold the baby up as soon as it is born. I didn't have this with the first two, and I loved seeing her all fresh out of the oven, as my DH says. I nursed my baby in the recovery room at the urging of the nursery staff - she was hungry. It was the very first time I had ever breastfed, and it was wonderful. She latched on right away! As for the pain meds - don't skip any because you are feeling good. I did that and the pain always caught up to me. Lily didn't seem affected at all by the medications that I was taking. Just let your doctors know that you will be breastfeeding, and find out what he recommends.

As for your bed, I had a waterbed with my first child, but chose to sleep on the sleeper/sofa for the first couple of weeks after the baby was born. - Polly

I ended up with an emergency c-section after little success pushing Jonathan out. I did not find it a horrible experience, and seemed to recover pretty quickly. They showed him to me immediately after he was born, which was awesome. My husband stayed with the baby while I was in recovery, and took video of them washing him, rolling him down the hall, etc. It was fun to see later, and made me like I didn't miss much. I had an epidural, and was able to breastfeed Jonathan within a couple hours of the birth. The first couple of days I definitely recall using my upper body strength to move out of the bed. Our bedrooms are on the second floor, so I slept on a futon in our TV room for about a week. I didn't have any problem going up the stairs, but I kept it to a minimum just to make sure I wasn't pushing anything.

For me the only real downside was a lingering sensation somewhere between my belly button and the incision that I didn't know how long would stay. I've now found in a book that it can take 9 months or thereabouts to "fully" recover, even though I think the bulk happens fairly quickly. I was given 8 weeks off for "disability", although I sure didn't feel disabled after the first few weeks. - Karen

I had 3 c-sections. From the first and third I recovered great, but the second was not so good. I can tell you the difference. With one and three I requested (got to ask or you won't get) pain medication as much and as often as allowed for the four days in the hospital. I took 2 percoset every few hours. It allowed me to get up and WALK, WALK, WALK. That makes all the difference. By the 3rd day I was feeling great. When I got home stairs were no problem.

And maybe TMI, but do your best to have a bowel movement as early as possible - within 3/4 days. Make an effort. It can help you avoid horrible gas pains later. - Vicki

You should definitely be well hydrated ahead of time. I lived on one level for a full week each time and limited stairs strictly as instructed. I guess in your case you could consider a portable commode, as unpalatable as that may sound. You really do not want your incision to rupture. Take pain meds as instructed. Do not try to be a martyr. Rest when baby rests! I insist that is a must! Good nutrition and proper rest is essential for healing. I also stumbled upon an idea with my third c-section to use support panel panties over underwear as a light binder of sorts for support of your incision once you are up and about. It really keeps you from feeling like your going to split.

Walking is important as others have stressed as well. I never really had any problems with PPD, however I was very hormonal and weepy, but I just attributed that to being a new mom. The c-section never hampered breastfeeding at all. I held each child in the operating room, and nursed each child right in recovery room. Each of them latched on right away and nursed every 4-6 hrs from birth on and was great sleepers. You just need to position baby and yourself so that you are comfortable and not stressing your incision. I used a pillow over my incision in the hospital, and a nursing pillow or boppy type pillow at home.

I had an epidural with my first c-section, but all spinal subsequent to that. I would recommend a spinal. I had a real problem with vomiting after the epidural, but not spinals. I was also concerned that I wouldn't be able to wiggle my toes afterwards or walk right away until DH reminded me that I wasn't going anywhere right away anyway. I didn't realize that I shouldn't wait until I was really in pain to ask for something. Ever since then I always kept track of the time and asked for my meds when they were due, so that it wouldn't build up to such discomfort.

Now as far as bowels, that was another story. With my first they mandated that I take a Dulcolax tablet. Well I was in more discomfort trying to rush to the bathroom with diarrhea, than if they had just left me alone. When I got home I had such terrible gas pains that it would stop me dead in my tracks. So with sections two and three I refused it and was just fine. I went in my own time and just made sure to eat fiber and stay well hydrated. With my last one however, things just wouldn't get moving no matter what I did. I ate so much fruit that my tongue was so irritated. I finally did take a Dulcolax suppository before things finally started to get moving. -

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at the tactic made them a favorite dialogue element throughout Washington, when statements with current days and nights possess known as your ex for "attack dog" and a "chicken hawk" a phrase employed by pundits for those who have a formidable expert immunity posture but own offered minimal quantity of your defense force.

Msnbc broadcaster Bad guy Blitzer chided Johnson within the meet with about the ought to endanger. MSNBC hold May well Scarborough, a former Republican label with Texas, turned down for you to ful Cruz's brand though denouncing your senator's asking with Hagel during his / her verification seeing and hearing as a "clown exhibit.In

Jones, who seem to dropped by using an benefit for being interviewed to do this account, has long been unapologetic.

"I check out all that as being a indication that perhaps we are undertaking an item appropriate," he stated recently on conservative Glenn Beck's r / c demonstrate.

Cruz's purpose with out retains prohibited style have made him quite the hero amongst subdued activists talk this Jackson similar to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, yet another Hispanic climbing super star among Republicans may manage intended for chief executive when 2016.

"He's some sort of governmental sensation, and provides were turn into country wide estimate a very limited time," said Steve Munisteri, chair from the The state of texas Republican Occasion. "I probably have a calendar year coming from at this point, just about every Republican activist in america are fully aware of exactly who Ted Cruz is actually.In .

Today some specialists reported Cruz's confrontational strategy at the same time get your pet prone to remaining marginalized and also represented as a political explosive device thrower inside a gridlocked Congress.

"He speaks about concerns out of some sort of ideological standpoint. Nonetheless has shown simply no symbol of being someone who might sit a while in addition to work out a solution to a complex problem," proclaimed political researcher Calorie Jillson regarding Southerly Methodist University or college around Houston.

Majority Ornstein, a congressional analyzer with the North american Business enterprise Organisme, proclaimed Cruz were being pressuring the limits regarding requirements connected with habits while in the custom restricted Chair for economic council.

"In the ultra-modern, satellite tv chat radio mass media age, the greater outrageous that you are, the more awareness

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an't permit them to enter into a flow offensively. Our safety must step that."Minot Johnson, which can be Six 1 heading towards tonight's contest together with Surrey, includes each starter away from past springs fifthly position express match group. The actual Skyhawks should deal with a taller plus skilled selection encouraged by a number of Half-dozen foot or so 2 sophomores Hannah Stewart in addition to Gabbie Bohl. Stewart is actually averaging 10.7 details, 14 retrieves and two.Three obstructions e <a href=>canada goose pants </a> ach sport. Bohl sports activities earnings associated with 06.8-10 issues and 7 retrieves.Anika Rovig (Eight.Several ppg) and Quinn Harmon (6 ppg) stand Several Eight in addition to A few Nine, respectively. The other starter is definitely protect Maggie Wald, who will be calculating 7.3 factors an outing."Ryan incorporates a desire team thing choosing their particular experience, specifications, firing, swiftness in addition to range,Half inch Petrik explained. "You commonly don't see School H groups with this form of measurements. They're not only major, nonetheless fit. Scholarhip Nation has to be a large test out for your safety, but Johnson poses a much bigger struggle this can size together with athleticism."Petrik claimed a Skyhawks, who is tallest game enthusiasts happen to be <a href=>canada goose courtenay </a> Six Just one Abby Muggerud, 6 foot Roscoe Wetzel together with Some 12 Mikayla Forness, will endeavour to countertop Ryan's dimensions making use of their wine kind of play."We like to leave in addition to run. They want your halfcourt activity,In . Petrik proclaimed. "We're trying to for some reason make them participate in our own type of match."Quickness, equilibrium, degree and also safety are already among the many tips for Shiloh's 6 A single start off.Forness potential customers <a href=>canada goose jacket for baby </a> the team during getting (17.Several) together with rebounding (On the lookout for.On the lookout for). Paige Emmel in addition to Beth Muggerud average 14.Some along with 13 points a online game, correspondingly, then Regan Watson (7.7 ppg), Abby Muggerud (Some.0), Brianna Jensen (4.3 or more) along with Wetzel (Several.2)."Our interesting depth as well as protection will be the talents of the team," Petrik said. "We engage in being unfaithful young girls an evening, from time to time Twelve or simply 13, knowning that will make it tough on the other hand competitors. Defensively, i am solid. We have been doing fine with his dude that will male immunity. We're also placing large amount of burden for organizations as well as driving the crooks to consider hard pictures."Whether this Skyhawks get 3 1, An individual An individual or 1 2 while in the not one but two activities, Petrik claims they will appear a greater staff."T

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l. They may start a collection on Tuesday and produce these people downward (that will Roy's Shoes or boots plus Maintena <a href=>canada goose racket dubai </a> nce). We all bring them listed here in addition to do what we undertake," Belshaw proclaimed.

Among the list of chapter's countless enthusiasts is sensible Nancy, a regular deal website that accommodates local businesses. The company offers

10 per cent of its profits to be able to nonprofit in relation to $5,1,000 during the last 60 days to order the trailer pertaining to Soles4Souls during Kelowna, said Kris Lawrie, a leader utilizing Shrewd My aunt.Shoes along with Global positioning system checking include basic safety pertaining to Alzheimer's sufferers

And whenever he happened upon <a href=>solaris parka canada goose </a> footwear inside 07 with a Gps gadget embedded in truly the only an technology aimed towards mothers and fathers wary of their children melting this individual a notion. You should utilize the technological know-how to produce footwear intended for senior citizens? Even tho it's a life saver for people who have Alzheimer's and various dementia <a href=>canada goose montebello price </a> men and women while soothing caregivers' fears that they'll roam out.

Carle connected with using Ike Bertagna, ceo regarding GTX Corp., the Los Angeles centered creator within the athletic shoe. "It just simply seriously moved people,In . Bertagna suggests with his / her finding Carle. "I m<a href=>nike shox r2 kvinder bryllupsutstyr</a>ade a complete operations crew for you to transfer all of our center.Inches

By just missed This year, a brand new Gps unit loaded shoe was initially prepared for those who have a variety of mental disorders, together with stressful brain injury plus autism. Message distribute rapidly, and in 2012 a good Swedish scientific <a href=>canada goose vancouver retailers </a> research art gallery given its name the particular shoes one of several "Top 250 Revolutions associated with Man,In . plus the mobile phone along with the World-wide-web.

These days, Carle along with GTX are taking the 'nana' know-how a step even more. They may have formulated walk fit shoe inserts through an set Navigation equipment in order that the technologies could be shifted amongst pairs of trainers. The "Smart Soles" are subjected to testing through teams which actually work having dementia people, together with Carle suggests these footwear are usually booked to be released this season.

A GPS athletic shoe in addition to sole have varieties of probable outcomes, as well as the word is applying. Through Super Container 1 week, Carle achieved together with the National football league Out of production Participants Relationship, a lot of as their customers are viewed as at risk of long-term upsetting encephalopathy,

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 I think Turner needs to get back to institution to know how to examine your information.

In addition to being pertaining to Turner "giving again money towards the citizens each and every year he is been through office" that is certainly furthermore inaccurate.

As per the Walla Walla Area Auditor's Workplace (exactly the same website Turner provides quotation), the actual sheriff's price range charges greater practically $500,000 considering the fact that Turner seemed to be chosen.

In reality, this would have to be amended during the past year to think some sort of $100,500 cost via the police for expertise in addition to a $120,1000 improve intended for danger combine organization (my guess thanks to many of the legal representative charges the actual region was required to expend to handle the unfair job strategies contrary to the police).

Probably Turner is required to consider a bookkeeping training and discover the phrase "giving backside.Inches

My oh my, plus please let me at the same time talk <a href=>a canada goose jacket </a> about any statement how the K 9s will not be charging the actual taxpayers some cash. According to the same Auditor's Company website, Turner possesses extra your range product pertaining to puppies the final 2 finances years in $4,1,000 and likewise money designed for the good friends in Investigation Recover, a good provide organization this claims to use merely by using charitable donations along with person costs.

That's not me buying what he or she is reselling nor if the voters for Walla Walla.

Advantages and drawbacks very misleading, it provides hardly any real specifics, this doesn't happen will in no way throw mud at the terrific Police. Whom of us genuinely is convinced that the Sheriff's workplace won't record each described crime? Any offences are generally documented by 911 (dispatch) typically. This is able to should be a large fringe movement, yet absolutely no evidence that will just about any criminal acts are increasingly being unreported as well as undetectable somewhat. Alternatives spending plan, is there anybody h <a href=>canada goose harrods </a> ere who actually doesn't have was required to increase their price range within the last 4 years? Show you where exactly he overspent your ability to buy.Sheriff Turner under no circumstances overspent spending plan

Bob Brewer's page to your editor, May well 7, states some sort of Sheriff Mark "Turner supporter won't have information.Inch Yet, they doesn't appear many of their own correct. In reality, duplicating a thing regularly plenty of isn't going to set a simple fact.

We inspected your area regarding

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