Did you have a period? Were you breastfeeding? Was it planned? I am breastfeeding exclusively and haven't had a period yet. I suppose I could temp but I am too unorganized to remember to temp every morning. How did you accomplish the close spacing? - Cathy
Real moms

Mine will be just under 14 months apart. I had the full 6 weeks of postpartum bleeding after my son was born and then one month later, my period. Yes, I was breastfeeding exclusively! This was not planned. In fact we slipped up and were not careful once and now we have a little one on the way. That is pretty crazy considering that it took 10 months to get pregnant the first time. I hear you are the most fertile right after a baby though, so good luck! I hear that if you temp first thing before you get out of bed, that's the easiest way to keep up on it, and the most accurate. - Brittney

#1 and #2 were 13 months apart, I was not breastfeeding at the time I was formulad feeding so I had my period. Basically it was my stupidity, LOL. I had just learned about cycles and fertile days and thought I'd see if it really worked (ROFLOL) I even told my husband that I was fertile according to a website, well I guess I really was because I became pregnant! ROFLOL!

After #2 I went on Depo (first birth control ever and will be the last) for 2 "cycles" quit because of the horrible things it was doing to me. It took almost a year before we conceived again. #3 was planned, but not as planned as I would have liked. I did learn a lot about temping and charting when we were trying to conceive #3 though so it really helped.

I conceived #4 about 12 months after #3 was born. I was exclusively breastfed #3 and breastfed him for 13 months! I didn't get my period for about 6-8 months post-partum, and even after my period arrived we didn't use any protection.

After #4 I breastfed exclusively for 5-6 months in terrible pain and agony. January 29th 2004 I quit breastfeeding and just waited for my period to arrive. Well it never showed up! I tool one preg test around Valentines Day when I started spotting to make sure I wasn't pregnant and it came back negative so I expected my period to come any day. A week later it dawned on me that my period still hadn't shown up and then the light bulb went off 'the spotting could possibly have been implantation spotting!' So I retested and sure enough there was that Big Fat Positive!

So #4 and #5 will be about 14 months apart too. I really believe if I hadn't had the problems I did with breastfeeding this time around I might still be pregnant free as I'd still be breastfeeding.

Right now we are "planning" #6 and the big V after #6's birth, LOL. I am crossing my fingers that breastfeeding will go as well as it did with #3 so I can breastfeeding for over a year or more and pregnancy #6 doesn't happen until about September '05 (I want a June Baby in 2006 for baby #6!) - Sling

Mine will be 13-14 months apart, and it was not planned. I formula fed and got my period 7 week postpartum, got the Mirena IUD immediately but my body rejected it (or I had a m/c...doctor is not sure), so I tried the pill again. That lasted 2 weeks, and we decided to quit the pill because I hated it so much and just use condoms. We had one "oops" on Christmas Day and here we are! - Mo

Ours are going to be 16 months apart and it was a surprise to us. I was breastfeeding part time when I got pregnant and I never had my period in between. - Samie

My first two are 15 months apart. I was Bf'ing and had one period. After Shelby I didn't get my period until 13 months. I became pregnant after that period. - Dea

I was exclusively breastfeeding Alex and got my period back 6 weeks postpartum, we used condoms and spermicide. Well we broke a few but I wasn't worried, we used the spermicide right and I was breastfeeding and my period only reared he head twice. Plus it had taken us 3 years and 7 round of Clomid to get pg with Alex so I figured the risk was nil. NOT! After 2 weeks of constant "stomach flu" I tested and got a positive so my babies will be 13 months apart. - Janice

I'm supposed to be induced on August 30th which would make babies #2 & #3 1 year and 9 days apart! I had 1 or 2 periods (I can't remember) and we were sort of trying. I wanted another one now so we weren't using anything. This is the last one for us. My husband will be getting his vasectomy shortly after she arrives! - RNPregnancyAndBaby.com

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