I had my U/S today and we saw our baby as clear as day! It measures 1 inch exactly and we could see all the body parts including little arms and leg and part of the umbilical cord. He/She looks just like a little teddy graham - so baby gets a nickname. I think Teddy Graham suits it nicely, but maybe TG for short?

I am measuring 5 days smaller than my LMP dates, so instead of 9W6D I am at 9W1D. U/S equipment can be off 3 days either way and I know that I conceived later than day 14 of my cycle, so there are no worries on the "smallness". I'm simply a few days "less pregnant" than my dates say I should be.

The ultrasound tech and my wonderful midwife (who was at the front desk doing paperwork) were both unsure if they would change my due date. I was 4 days smaller with my last baby but they didn't change my dates. My midwife thinks that 5 days is the magic number for them to do so. The head OB makes the decision on that though, so I won't know until my next visit on 12/23. It doesn't matter to me if I'm due July 2nd or July 7th, either way I have a viable pregnancy and a baby with a heartbeat of 171 bpm. This pregnancy is SO real now. Just seeing that little squirming teddy graham and the heart beeping away; a tiny precious being in there! It is unreal how something that is so small can tug at your heartstrings so strongly. Ahh, I'm in love!

I also got some of the best news ever after the Ultrasound. My midwife was congratulating me before we left. She had heard from the other midwife how upset I was that she didn't do deliveries anymore. Without me even saying anything, she told me that she would do whatever she could to ensure she was able to deliver me. She told me that that there are a few women she will make an exception for and that I'm one of them. My pregnancy hormones got the best of me and I teared up right there. I don't think anyone has ever been any more thoughtful. You know just how special of a caregiver and person she is to be so considerate of my feelings and to make that exception. Hopefully it will work out and she can do it. It means so much to me that she is even willing to consider it!

So I'm in a GREAT mood today, a little emotionally tearful (in a good way) and feeling spectacular! I have no pregnancy symptoms/ills/aches or pains, no worries?just happiness and anticipation of the next seven months of my life that I get to spend enjoying this precious miracle growing inside of me. Life is good! PregnancyAndBaby.com


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