Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! That's exactly what I felt last night sitting over at Steve's parent's house. She had the hiccups something great. Her little head was hitting right down by my right pelvic bone each time she

Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! That's exactly what I felt last night sitting over at Steve's parent's house. She had the hiccups something great. Her little head was hitting right down by my right pelvic bone each time she hiccupped. Steve, Jerrie, and Vennessa were all able to feel her as well. It was the coolest sensation. She hasn't had them yet today! I thought yesterday morning that she had them because the thumps and bumps were pretty rhythmic, but I couldn't be sure. Last night there was no mistaking what was going on.

One morning this past week I woke up sleeping on my back with my hand on my belly and I could feel her rolling back and forth under my hand. It was like having a little rolling massager under my hand. I tried to explain this feeling to Steve but he couldn't really get it. Last night sitting on the couch he finally felt her roll under his hand. It's like she scrapes an elbow or knee across my belly and you can feel the little round pointy parts of her elbow or knee moving slowly.

This past week I also had a craving for something to where I thought I would die if I didn't get it now. I wanted Airheads candy. And lots of it. Steve was at Sam's Club and I was on the phone with him when it hit me. I told him that I wanted them so badly that I thought I was going to die if I didn't get them. I literally thought the world would cease turning unless he brought them home to me. We were dropping my car off to get some work done and when he picked me up from there, in the back seat he pulled out an economy pack of ninety Airheads and beautiful dark pink carnations. That's why I married him. Stupid stuff like that. He makes me happy. Needless to say, I ate five Airheads on the way home and have a stash on my desk at work.

Scarlett is still hanging out really low in my belly. I wish she would move up so that she could get off my bladder. It's ridiculous how much she uses my bladder as a punching and/or kicking bag. I swear, sometimes I feel like I could sit down and pee and three minutes later I could do the same thing again. And truthfully, sometimes, I do just that. I'm up about three times a night.

Tomorrow I have another ultrasound because at my last appointment I was measuring big. I'm also having my glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes and a shot to make sure that if the baby has a positive blood type that my blood doesn't start attacking hers. I have O- blood. We're not sure about Steve. If he has a negative blood type, I wouldn't need the shot, but we're not sure. I'll have to have one more shot after she is born as well. I can't remember why exactly...

Stacie has said that she wants to throw me a baby shower! Sharon Reynolds, one of Jerrie's friends, is going to help as well. My mom has offered her house which will be ultra convenient since it's close to mine and I won't have to travel far. Stacie lives in Conroe which would be a far drive for everyone. They are planning on March 11th at 2 in the afternoon.

Steve and I have started clipping coupons and buying diapers and wipes when they are on sale. They are so dang expensive that buying them early will save us some money in the long run. We aren't buying newborn sizes, we're buying the next two sizes up. She will outgrow the newborn size pretty quickly. Yesterday we bought a box of 204, which will last, what, maybe 3-4 weeks? We also bought the economy size box of wipes, 400. At least we had coupons for them! Steve has made a little sheet with all the stores and what size boxes they carry and the prices for all of them. That sounds like Steve. Like I said, that's why I married him.

I have 82 days left in this pregnancy. Eight two! That's assuming she arrives right on time�..it sure is going quickly at this point. PregnancyAndBaby.com


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