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David Barrere, MD, FACOG

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I am 12 weeks pregnant and have just been told I have a retroverted uterus. What does that mean, and am I or the baby at any additional risks? - Jenifer

The expert answers:
Jenifer, A retroverted uterus is a descriptive term used to describe the position of your uterus. Retroversion means that the top portion of the uterus, the fundus, is pointed towards your back (sacrum). Anteversion is the opposite of this. With anteversion, the fundus points towards your abdomen.

It used to be thought that a woman with a retroverted uterus was at more risk for infertility. As a result, uterine suspension procedures were performed to "pull" a retroverted uterus forward. Over time, we have realized that fertility rates are similar for anteverted and retroverted uteri.

During pregnancy, there is really nothing for your to worry about in having a retroverted uterus.PregnancyAndBaby.com

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jackie May 05, 2012
i did a pelvic ultrasound because i was getting pain an having painful periods however 1 pregnancy test stated positive and 2 negative the ultra sound report states "retroverted 6wk size uterus with clots in the cavity. Diameter 10.1mm cervix coane with hyperecloin area. both ovaries seen with normal follicle distributions. Rt ovary measures 28.2mm by 17.9mm. LT ovary measures 37.2m by 22.3mm". Can this in any way signal that im pergnant. I did the test through the vagina when i was bleeding heavily.please help thanks a million in advance