Find Out What Is On The Top Of Every New Dad's Wish List

Life takes on a new meaning when the stork honors the guy in your life with the title of “Daddy.” Check out the top 10 gifts for new Dad

By Michelle Bruns

Life takes on a new meaning when the stork honors the guy in your life with the title of “Daddy.” Check out the top 10 gifts for new Dads that will help make his first Father’s Day a special one.

  1. Framed photo – A framed print of Dad and Baby for his desk, or a digital photo frame, like ones from, will keep his little bundle of joy in eye sight when Dad is working a long day at the office. The digital frame allows you to upload multiple photos, which may be the next best thing to having his little slugger there.
  2. Personalized gifts – Nothing is more personal than a photo gift featuring the proud Papa and his little one. But, taking it a step further makes these memories a part of Dad’s daily lifestyle. Sites like and offer photo ties and photo mugs featuring your favorite pic of your favorite two people.
  3. Brag book –Printed and bound photo albums, from pocket-size to 11 x 8, make it easy for the new Dad to show off his little one to his friends, colleagues, and anyone who will stay still long enough to look. Uploading photos to or and having albums made will make it easy to organize your ensemble of photos instead of stuffing them into an album yourself.
  4. Digital camera and/or video camera – Capturing memories with the latest gadgets will make the memories last a lifetime. Point and shoot cameras like the Fujifilm Finepix F10 ($480) make it easy for even the least tech-savvy Father to snap and shoot his future big leaguer on the go.
  5. Matching duds – Synchronized stripes or color-coordinated clothing for Daddy and the little guy or princess will stand out in a crowd. Check out the attire at for styles for Dad and Baby that were surely meant to be worn simultaneously by both loves of your life.
  6. Personalized jerseys – Dads who love sports will flip over a jersey from their favorite team from, personalized with your family’s last name on the back. Or, acknowledge his new identity by personalizing the jersey with your child’s name, such as “Aidan’s Dad.”
  7. Hand print keepsake kits – It won’t be long before your tiny tot is taller than you are! Pick up a hand print kit from your local crafts store, or from a paint your own ceramics store like Color Me Mine, to help remind the new Dad just how small his bundle of joy used to be in years to come.
  8. New Daddy books - Books from such as The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish, and Mack Daddy: Mastering Fatherhood without Losing Your Style, Your Cool, or Your Mind by Larry Bleidner may help answer questions and ease the minds of men who are new to the Daddy world. 
  9. Masculine diaper bag – Diaper bags are not just for Moms. Diaper Dude is a line of messenger style bags that are sure to please the cool Dads on the go. A removable cell phone holder and multiple compartments give Dads with their hands full easy access to everything they need.
  10. Personalized apron with BBQ kit – Anything labeled with “Daddy” is sure to fire up his heart. Surprise the new Dad with an apron like ones from and pair it with a new BBQ kit and watch him teach his future griller the tricks of the trade.


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