What Is An Evaporation Line On A Pregnancy Test And Why Should You Worry About It?

If you have been trying to conceive a baby for any amount of time, you have more than likely taken a pregnancy test or two. The instructions that you receive with your tests usually have a warning on them that states that you should disregard any line that appears past the time limit. These lines are known as evaporation lines and can be a cause of irritation for those of us trying for the elusive second line. This article will help you understand why they form and what might look like an evaporation line really isn't an evaporation line at all.
by Monica Beyer

pregnancy testWhat is an evaporation line?

An evaporation line, also commonly known as an "evap line," is a term that describes any test line that appears after the time limit is up on a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests generally have two lines on them that appear when used -- a control line that should appear every time that lets you know that the test is working as it should, and a test line that shows up only when exposed to urine that contains the pregnancy hormone hCG. The test portion of the pregnancy test contains an antibody strip that binds only to this hormone and this is what causes it to display a positive result if you are indeed pregnant.

An evaporation line is just what it sounds like -- a line caused by evaporation of your urine. Sometimes the evaporation line highlights the antibody strip and causes it to look faintly positive, and sometimes the second line looks gray or like an indentation. These results should not be considered positive even if they look like a "real" positive result an hour later.

Put the stick down!

One way to avoid evaporation lines altogether is to get rid of your pregnancy test as soon as the time limit is up. Set a timer, note the time or keep track on your watch. If there isn't a positive result, toss it in the trashcan. Better yet, throw it in the dumpster behind a restaurant, dismantle it and put as much as you can through a shredder or run over it with your car. It can be so tempting to dig the test back out and check to see if it has "turned positive" but try to resist. It's so much better for your mental health to avoid the torture!

What if it shows up in the time limit?

If an "evap line" shows up in the time limit then it probably isn't an evaporation line -- it probably is a positive result! You may feel the urge to disregard a very faint positive, especially if you've experienced evaps before, but generally tests don't turn positive within the time limit unless you are pregnant. Sometimes it can be beneficial to wait until after your period is due to take a test because as your pregnancy progresses your hCG will rise and may turn a test darker.

If you get a faint positive result (remember, a line really is a line, no matter how faint) you might take another test in two days to see if you get a more convincing result.

While false positives are rare, they do happen occasionally. If you have a faint positive result and start your period anyway you may be experiencing a very early miscarriage (and not a false positive or an evap line).

It sounds so easy, but it isn't!

While it may sound easy to wait as long as possible to take a test (and not check them out a half hour later) it can seem to be next to impossible as you get closer and closer to your test date. It really is a good idea to try to keep these things in mind -- in the end, you will be grateful that you didn't trouble yourself with questionable results!

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angela kay September 03, 2015
I took pound land pregnancy today it was just a test strip. It showed a very faint pink positive pink line within 5 mins but later disapeard after 15 mins. It is very important to know straight away as i am a warfarin patient. would warfarine affect pregnancy in the irst. couple ofm onthsline
angela kay September 03, 2015
I have done a pound land test strip pregnancy test and its left me really worried. It showed a very faint positive line within 5 mins but then faded after 15 mins. Please help Am I pregnant?
If i am i need to come off of my meds as i am taking high doses of warfarin. Will warfarin damage the fetus if taken in early stages of pregnancy.
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Gemma July 28, 2015
Ive taken 2 positive pregnancy tests 5 positive ovulation tests and 4 negitive pregnancy tests and i dont know weather im pregnant or not and im not due a period for another 10 days both positive reaults arrived within the time frame specified and i gues my queation would be is it possible im pregnant or am i just loosing my mind lol
Gemma July 28, 2015
Hi a few days ago i took a pregnancy test showing a very faint positive (it appeared instantly) and so excited beyond my belief i took another that was negitive so anyway i had some ovulation dtrips i. The house and heard rumers they could be used as ept'sand they all came up positive also so i waited a while and took a test yesterday morning at first the controll line was there then a couple minutes later a very prominent positive so i took two more a few hours after that and they where both negotive i am very confused especially since im jot due my period for another 10 days can anyone help me ?
lisamommy June 27, 2015

So i have been ttc, now for two months. I always use the same brand pregnancy test even with my prior kids.

I took a test tonight, the normal red line appeared then a very distinct white line appeared immediately with the red line.

The white line is now very faint.

Everything i have read about evap lines is they never show up immediately with the test line.

Please help
lisamommy June 27, 2015

So i have been ttc, now for two months. I always use the same brand pregnancy test even with my prior kids.

I took a test tonight, the normal red line appeared then a very distinct white line appeared immediately with the red line.

The white line is now very faint.

Everything i have read about evap lines is they never show up immediately with the test line.

Please help
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Aj6 June 09, 2015
Ok, so I took two tests yesterday a.m, they we're negitive, but when I got home from work a few hours later, they were positive! ? This morning I took another one, negitive, 4 hours later it also is positive! What are the odds of all 3 turning positive after a few hours?
Aj6 June 09, 2015
Ok, so I took two tests yesterday a.m, they we're negitive, but when I got home from work a few hours later, they were positive! ? This morning I took another one, negitive, 4 hours later it also is positive! What are the odds of all 3 turning positive after a few hours?
Hayley June 09, 2015
Jas that would be an evaporation line.
jas May 28, 2015
I took a pregnancy test yestrday at 4 in morning.
it showed a negative result then I was disappointed and slept again after waking up at 8 am I was surprised to find tht the result showed positive is that true???
irene May 21, 2015
i took a test yesterday and today.... i started spotting last night and when i took the test there was no line at all.... i have started what i think is my period but its totally lighter then usual because all day i have only TMI used 2 pads..... and im not heavy at all like i normally would for my first day..... i am have some mild uterin cramping on and off and strangest part is i would get cramps all day non stop and as far as spotting once and stopping till this morning that never happens either..... so i just took another test ..... and this time right from when i took it and the strip bacame showing line in the c i was noticing a very light squinter but noticable to me but very faint grey line since i took the test yes i took it about an hour ago (and its hard not to check up on it even harder when ur pretty sure there was a grey evap like line there from the get go) no not FMU but i still see it there and like i said have since i have done the test its been there since beginning of time frame.... i think i might wait a couple more days and try another with FMU and see how long my "period lasts" because i usually reange between 5 and 7 days for period.... usually 6th days it ends .... but its not my usually bleed and every once in a while its a tad more then spotting then back to pretty well a pale pink.... been between pink and brown.....
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Permit always be crystal clear our own advanced schooling design is actually ripe to get assessment. Too little individuals key in colleges and universities, and also an inadequate number of of those who carry out graduate student. And, specially in a lot of these last couple of financially straitened ages, historical evidence is abundant of which some of those that end cannot find employment commensurate with their particular overpriced educations.

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STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: December 10, 2006 Discovery separates from the external fuel tank following launch Saturday night. This still image was taken from video downlinked by a camera on the tank. Credit: NASAPreliminary analysis of ascent video and radar indicate the shuttle Discovery's external tank performed well and that no major debris events occurred that might have damaged the orbiter's fragile heat shield. While it will take several more days to complete the assessment, incorporating crew inspections today and more planned for Monday, NASA managers said they were pleased with Discovery's performance so far."All in all it's going really well," said John Shannon, chairman of NASA's Mission Management Team at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. "All the reports that came in were that we had a very typical ascent, there were no surprises as of yet. We're just waiting for the inspection data to come down. We'll take a look at that and work it into the mission as appropriate."Discovery's crew used a long sensor boom today to inspect the shuttle's reinforced carbon carbon nose cap and wing leading edge panels and the space station crew will photograph the heat shield tiles on the ship's belly during final approach before docking Monday afternoon. The linkup currently is targeted for 5:06 p.m.Video coverage for subscribers only:VIDEO:FULL-LENGTH EXTERNAL TANK CAMERA VIDEO VIDEO:SUNDAY NIGHT STATUS REPORT VIDEO:DISCOVERY LAUNCH REPLAYS MORE: Video of the heat shield shot by cameras mounted in the shuttle's twin solid-fuel boosters will be assessed after the big rockets are towed back to shore.For Discovery's launching, one ship was stationed to the north along the shuttle's ground track while the other was positioned to the south, closer to shore. During recovery operations, a man on the southern ship was injured, interrupting booster recovery operations."We did not put the southernmost ship where we typically do, it was not out at the recovery zone," Shannon said. "We had the northern ship out there, the southern ship was closer to the coast so we could get a good Doppler comparison between the two radars of anything coming off the stack."The southern ship went out with radar technicians and the plan all along was after the launch for it to come back to port, let the radar technicians off, on load some guys for the retrieval of the boosters and then steam overnight to the recovery zone. They got out there and there was an accident, I'm not going to get into exactly what happened, it's not life threatening, but a guy got hurt out there during the frustrum recovery."They halted recovery operations and started coming back and we got a Coast Guard helicopter to go out and pick him up and take him to the hospital and they're back on station to do the recovery starting tomorrow morning. So it's probably going to put our, what we call the open assessment of the solid rocket boosters, down by a day."One of the ship-borne radars suffered a malfunction and was unable to collect data. Other radars noted two possible debris events during launch, both occurring well after the first minute and 35 seconds or so of flight when atmospheric density is high enough to result in high impact velocities.Two bits of debris, presumably ice, could be seen floating away as the shuttle separated from the external tank. But nothing significant was seen actually striking the spacecraft.Accelerometers mounted behind the wing leading edge panels detected six "events" during launch, four on
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Posted: February 19, 2007Aiming to uncover the physics that power the auroras that crown Earth's poles, five tiny probes have been launched into space for a synchronized orbital dance to locate where the trigger is pulled to create the eerily magnificent displays. The Delta 2 rocket lifts off at 6:01 p.m. EST (2301 GMT). Credit: Carleton Bailie for United Launch Alliance NASA's $200 million THEMIS mission blasted off just before sunset Saturday from Cape Canaveral's pad 17B aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta 2 rocket.The 73-minute flight of the three-stage launcher culminated off the northeastern coast of Australia, when the five probes were flung off their spinning carrier.Each of the 282-pound spacecraft is equipped with identical suites of instruments to examine the origin of space explosions known as substorms. The events start with the soup of ionized particles from the sun, called the solar wind, buffeting the Earth at a million miles per hour. Some of that energy gets trapped in the magnetic field, causing the field lines to stretch back in the direction opposite the sun like rubberbands. But when stretched too far the lines snap, releasing the energy that generates shimmering auroral displays."For over 30 years, the source location of these explosive energy releases has been sought after with great fervor. It is a question almost as old as space physics itself," said THEMIS principal investigator Vassilis Angelopoulos. "A substorm starts from a single point in space and progresses past the moon's orbit within minutes, so a single satellite cannot identify the substorm origin. The five-satellite constellation of THEMIS will finally identify the trigger location and the physics involved in substorms." "Substorms are what make the aurorae interesting," said John Bonnell, a plasma physicist and aurora specialist with THEMIS. "Without them, the greenish white sheets are static, like a cloud. Substorms make the sheets ripple and create different colors, such as red borders and colorful edge effects." "THEMIS is so important because the same fundamental physical process is seen around all planets, it happens on the sun in solar flares, and in astrophysical systems such as black holes," Angelopoulos said. "It's amazing that being so close to us, here at Earth, it is not understood yet." An artist's concept shows the five THEMIS probes in space. Credit: NASATHEMIS is the first NASA mission to launch five science satellites together aboard one rocket."They say good things come in small packages. I'd have to say these probes are great by that measure," said Peter Harvey, the THEMIS project manager from the University of California at Berkeley."They are powerful. It is amazing to think that these things will accelerate themselves over half-way to the moon. Each one has 40 percent of its weight as fuel. So it's able to change its orbit and go quite a distance."The probes are tough. They can take flying through the radiation belts and keep on going. They can take three-hour shadows of the Earth and keep every component inside warm while the outside is freezing cold."The probes are smart. Every one of them travels a vast distance from the Earth and can't do that in contact with the Earth. So it can't constantly telemeter. So each probe has to then detect the substorm, capture that data, compress it and then wait until it gets closer to Earth to transmit that data to the ground."The probes are really efficiently packed. Things are so jam-packed inside each probe that you can't fit your hand in between any two items."The probes were built by Swales Aerospace, and their measurements will be combined with a network of observatories across the northern U.S. and Canadian."I cannot explain all my excitement. This has been a truly exciting project -- building five spacecraft and 20 ground-based observatories, flying spacecraft in synchronized orbits. You couldn't ask for more," Harvey said. An artist's concept shows the five THEMIS probes in space. Credit: NASAThe craft will spend the next month activating their instruments. This fall, controllers will maneuver the probes into wide-ranging orbits to begin the sophisticated orbital ballet in which all five line up behind the Earth once every four days to hunt for the substorm trigger site. The main science-collecting period will occur during the winter.Saturday's launch marked the 72nd consecutive successful flight by a Delta 2 rocket since 1997 and the 125th success overall in the 127-flight history of the workhorse booster dating back to 1989. "The United Launch Alliance team is proud to support the science and robotic mission of NASA's space exploration program by successfully completing our first east coast launch," said Mike Gass, president and chief executive officer of ULA.The newly-formed United Launch Alliance now manages all Delta and Atlas rocket missions. ULA is the joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin that has combined the Delta and Atlas rocket fleets."This is the first of a total of 21 launches we have manifested in 2007 consisting of a dozen Delta 2s, six Atlas 5s and three Delta 4s from the east and west coasts," said Dan Collins, ULA chief operating officer. "As our team proved today, they are up to the task. By focusing on safe practices, customer needs and mission success, I believe 2007 will be a banner inaugural year for ULA." Next up is the Atlas 5 launch of six experimental satellites for the U.S. military. That
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Hi, my name is Ashley. I recently took a couple pregnancy tests because of the symptoms that I have been experiencing. Such as sore breasts and breast size increasing I've gone from an A cup to almost a C cup. I also am experiencing changes with my nipples and my areolas are getting darker. Slight pain/discomfort in my lower abdominal area. Increased urination and hunger. Occasionally an annoying gag reflex that happens at random. And also cravings. However, I had had my monthly on Feb. 11th as scheduled. When I took the first test a faint line appeared then was gone I couldn't see it anymore. A little bit later the line had re appeared. The second test I took it showed negative then a little bit later it showed positive. What does this mean? I thought that maybe the first one had detected something. I'm really confused....
Britt October 22, 2012
Hi I was just wondering I had 3 tests in a row all on different days with a faint line in the positive spot. It's so faint you can barley see it. Then I took a clear blue digital test and it said not pregnant took one more dollar store test same think extremely I mean extremely light positive. At night I look like I'm four months pregnant and have had nipples darken. I have had pretty much every symptom in the book. My period never came this month it was light brown spotting and lasted for a few days only when going to washroom. I'm so confused on what to do any advice???
Anonymous October 18, 2012
what I don't understand is, if the line in the "determining window" only responds to the dye if there is HCG in the urine, how can the dye take to the line after the time limit? I had a faint "positive" yesterday, which I'm reconsidering as an evap, but this morning it was a big thick and blue line. how can it turn that way, after the fact, if there's no HCG in my urine?
Princess Mary May 11, 2012
hi, i am 7 days delayed already and have tested the day of missed period, day after that and 3 days after that and the last was yesterday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. All in all 5 test all came out negative but I am feeling breast enlargement and my heart is palpitating very often. I was in a lot of stress for the past month because of my job and my older son's problem in school. Normally my period is regularly does this mean that I am pregnant?