Iscover The Miraculous Development Of Your Unborn Child

Once you conceive, your baby grows from a microscopic dot to the size of a broiler chicken in only a matter of months (although hard to believe, your baby is gaining weight at a faster rate than you are!).
by Joanne Kimes

pregnancy testIn order to grasp this miraculous rate of growth, let’s take a quick look at it month by month (don’t worry, we won’t take a look at your miraculous growth):

Month 1

About a week after conception, your multi-celled zygote has traveled down your fallopian tube and attached itself to your uterus. By the end of the first month, it’s now 10,000 times larger than it was at the time of conception and has started to grow a brain, a spinal cord and a head. It’s about the size of a grain of rice.

Month 2

During the second month, it’s divided into three distinct layers…sort of like a Ding Dong. The chocolate coating is the ectoderm layer that will develop into its skin, hair, nervous system and the lining of its nose, ears and mouth. Next comes the cakey middle that will become its heart, muscles, bones, blood and reproductive system. And finally, the creamy center which will evolve into the glands, tongue, bladder and digestive tract.  The heart is formed and has already started to beat. By the end of the month it has grown to the size of a corn-nut.

Month 3

During the third month, the nails, earlobes, arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes are formed. The intestines have formed as well, but unfortunately they’ve done so on the outside of the body making it difficult to find a future prom date. Luckily, this problem will rectify itself by the end of the month. Your baby weighs as much as a tube of lipstick and has already taken its first pee in the amniotic fluid.

Month 4

By month four its genitals can be identified and your baby can perform the amazing feats of blinking, sucking, and swallowing. It can also move its eyes, practicing for when it becomes a teenager and will need to roll them when you say something dumb. Your future tax deduction is now the size of a fine cigar.

Month 5

By the fifth month you can finally feel your baby move, relieving your fear that you actually have a kid in there and haven’t just let yourself go. Hair is growing on its head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Your baby weighs in at about a pound.

Month 6

During the sixth month your baby is covered in vernix, a thick waxy layer that protects it from chapping, abrasions, and getting those deep wrinkles in its fingers like you do after a long bath. If your having a girl, she’s making her eggs, so not only are you carrying your child, but your future grandkids as well (no wonder you’re gaining so much weight!). At the end of the month, your fetus weighs two pounds.

Month 7

By month seven you need to stop cussing because your kid can finally hear you. Taste buds are formed and its hands are strong enough to grasp things. By the end of this month your baby weighs in at close to sixteen quarter pounders (that’s four pounds if you’re too sleep deprived to figure it out).

Month 8

Month eight marks the end of the construction phase. All the parts have been assembled and the final touches are being made. The lungs are developed enough to breath. The pupils can constrict. There’s even a dark tar-like substance inside its colon that will be pooped out after delivery. By the end of this month, your baby weighs about five pounds.

Month 9

Month nine is all about packing on the pounds. In fact, your baby gains about one half to three quarters of a pound each week. By the end of the month your baby will tip the scales at about seven pounds and has developed creases in its heels, a sign that it has finally reached fetal maturity!

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