Unique And Creative Ways To Announce To Your Husband, Friends And Family That You Are Pregnant.

Looking for fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy? Here are a few ideas and some fun ways real parents let their partner, family, and friends know that the stork was arriving soon.

Michelle Maffei

To tell your partner:
1. Serve baby-themed meal for two, like baby carrots, baby back ribs, etc. to allude to the news
2. Write “Daddy” in lipstick on your bathroom mirror before he wakes up
3. Rent baby-themed movies and see if he gets the hint
4. Make a cd with music that has “baby” in the title and set it to play in his car
5. Play Scrabble and spell baby-related words to tip him off
6. Hide a note in a water-proofed container in a bubble bath for two
7. Write “baby on board” on your belly and send him looking for it on your body
8. Order a cake with the good news on it and have your partner pick it up from the bakery
9. Baby name book and with a note to “circle your favorites” to clue him in

To tell your family and the world:
10. Have an older-sibling-to-be wear a t-shirt with the phrase, “I’m going to be a big brother/sister!” for all to see like Josephine Geraci of New York
11. Take a photo, and instead of saying, “Say Cheese,” exclaim, “Say [insert name]’s pregnant!” and watch the faces you’ll capture for eternity
12. “My wife and I brought over non-alcoholic beer to "toast to good news"...Since we usually drink the normal stuff…the future grandparents and uncle got their first clue that someone was on the way.” Ryan McGrath, Grand Haven, MI
13. Create a family tree with a blank spot under you and your partner’s names, with your due date penciled in
14. “I work in Marketing. So I announced my second pregnancy with a press release to my coworkers about a new player joining the Thayer team...” Susan Thayer, Omaha, NE
15. Pass out pink- and blue-frosted cupcakes and see who guesses
16. “I sent my parents a brag book and the cover photo was a sonogram of my baby at 5.5 weeks!” Taiisha Pinkney
17. Hand out cookies with words like “mommy,” “daddy,” and “baby!”
18. “We ordered a customized tee that stated our last names (Miller and Levin Production) on the belly!” Amye Levin
19. Send out invitations that include the due date and the name of the hospital where you will deliver
20. “At a dinner party with all my girlfriends…I bought miniature plastic babies from a party store, froze them in ice trays and dropped them into their…martinis. In a few minutes I heard, ‘Wait...why is there a baby in my drink!’” Korie Conant
21. Give out baby-themed frames to family with a picture of a stork on it, featuring your due date
22. Make up a game and buy trinkets representing each person…including a baby item like Steve Cosio of Mansfield, Texas did
23. “I gave my [family members] cards from baby-to-be…addressed to the Grandmas, and the aunt and uncle.” Beth Azor, Davie, FL
24. Take a photo of your older child(ren) holding your ultrasound photo and send it out announcement style
25.  “I bought a countdown clock and set it to the date my baby was due. Put it in a box and sent it to both sets of grandparents-to-be.” Lisa S. Herman, Palm Desert, CA
26. Create “Grandma” and “Grandpa” buttons and pin them on the grandaparent-to-bes like Beth Shumate of McKinney, TX
27.  “My husband and I told our families we were pregnant on video in front of the Eiffel Tower Paris. We sent them an hour long video and at the end of the video we told them with the tower as a backdrop.” Sherry Aikens, Philadelphia
28. Hand out personalized candies with the big announcement like Tammy Vance and her husband
29. “We announced the baby news to my parents…by sending them "Grandma" and "Grandpa" t-shirts.” Cathy Hale, Austin, TX
30. “We sent everybody a mug with name of their new relationship to the baby, i.e. Aunt, Grandma, Godmother, Uncle, Pumping Station Owner (my old boss).” Julie Sue Auslander

When you’re planning your big news, consider letting immediate family know first. If someone else spills the beans before they find out from you, chances are that feelings will be hurt and will take away from the joyous news. Have fun spreading the news!

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This indicate will probably pit 6 recipients and 6 protective shells. Concerning the way they could remain competitive, just about all Irvin would probably think are, "Tune throughout and see. It's going to be revolutionary throughout a great number of methods.In

This winner's greatest payoff is the happiness connected with performing to the Cowboys. As you move the rookie bare minimum is concerning $300,500, which reaches just in the event he makes all the group. The particular salary around coaching get away will be nearer to $1,500 each week with an undrafted out of law school.

Irvin proclaimed that is pertaining to far more than money. It's the probability to hook leaves Tony morrison Romo or lineup contrary Terrell Owens.

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deborah Myspace, Mister Cameron mentioned: Inch For all this Conservatives whom campaigned most of these previous many weeks: many thanks.

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Tests include sealed around Eu and native elections which will sign a brand new period in Indian nation-wide politics in the event the final results build the "earthquake" estimated through Nigel Farage and his awesome Britain Independence Gathering.

That has a 12 months to move up until the standard election, the actual limits tend to be substantial and events shall be checking the recent results for symptoms with regards to their prospective customers throughout 2015.

Checking is going to take place in some of the local elections suddenly, although the Western european conditions are not going to get started on right until Tuesday significance your wait to see if Ukip's opinion poll head means beginning of the process inside the sweepstakes along with a tense couple of days to your Liberal Dems who actually deal with the possibilities of currently being murdered.

Manual work, a Conservatives and also Lib Dems could read the shopping results for insights whether Ukip can be building towards a strong electoral compel that may keep the stability connected with electrical power from Westminster inside 2015 or perhaps if Mr Farage's percolate is going to broken in addition to frustrated voters is often lured rear determination object in the poll common box at the moment .

The victory regarding Ukip may provide Pm David Cameron with a challenging Twelve months around Drinking Streets since he seeks to be able to please the nation and keep the actual Eurosceptic side in the Careful Social gathering written content about concerns like migrants.

Recognized results showed the particular Tory assurance to lessen immigration law towards the "tens involving thousands" by May well 2015 can be shifting further more unrealistic because fresh info through the Office environment pertaining to National Statistics (ONS) confirmed goal migration increasin

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Eagles coach Andy Reid spent the week indicating that Michael Vick would be his No. 2 quarterback despite a quadriceps contusion. You've got to stay inside. You've got to put up your white board.
They were 0 for 4 in the red zone, and that won't cut it against a Peyton Manning-led offense. Right now Baltimore is on the outside looking in but its playoffs hopes are not over.
The poll provides the mechanism. The comments section allows for elaboration.<!-- sportIndex: storypagepoll --><!-- root: espn -->I'm working on a ballot based on the following criteria:.
Monday night was the Home Run Derby.[+] Enlarge Rich Arden/ESPN ImagesGreg Jennings was easy to spot on the golf course on Tuesday.Tuesday night was the All-Star Game.That makes Wednesday night ESPY time.Yes, the annual awards show is set to air at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.
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a good Protect ended up in connection with the actual plane. Any patrol charter boat Haixun 11 identified a concise signal with Feb 5th an additional signal about Weekend.

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Nonetheless the analysis also discovered that well before 08, solely 36% for boat reach death occurred in areas and specific zones that could turn into SMAs. Many 32% connected with demise occurred out of doors these kinds of zones such as regarding us

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