Even Though We’Re Seeing Signs Of Economic Recovery, Many Consumers Are Still Strapped For Cash To Spend On Growing Children’S Wardrobes. And When It Comes To Buying Children’S Clothing And Summer Outfits, Moms Love To Find Gently Used, Brand-N

Even though we’re seeing signs of economic recovery, many consumers are still strapped for cash to spend on growing children’s wardrobes. And when it comes to buying children’s clothing and summer outfits, moms love to find gently used, brand-name items at up to 80 percent less than the original retail prices.

Children’s Orchard, a national franchise of upscale resale stores, provides parents with five quick tips for shopping resale this summer season:

Tip 1: Inspect

When shopping at thrift or consignment stores, make sure you inspect clothing for holes and stains. Upscale resale stores are very selective about the products they take in and will typically use a special light to check clothing for imperfections. Ask about the store’s inspection process to be certain.  

Tip 2: Finding current styles

Bring a current department store catalog with you to the resale or thrift store to make sure you buy only the latest fashions. Most upscale resale stores receive new inventory daily so you should be able to find current styles in some of the leading brands, like Ralph Lauren, GAP and Calvin Klein. 

Tip 3: Finding the best deals

To get the best deals, look for special events and offers.  In addition to the already deeply discounted prices, resale stores often have generous promotions during the change of seasons. Be sure to check your local resale store for loyalty programs to receive member-only offers. You can also become Facebook friends follow your favorite resale store on Twitter to find out about upcoming specials.

Tip 4: Be aware of recalls

When looking to buy children’s toys and accessories such as strollers and high chairs, talk to the store owner about how they stay up-to-date on recalls. Since most items at resale stores do not come with their original packaging, it is up to the consumer to make sure they are not purchasing faulty equipment. 

Tip 5: Consider consigning your old clothes and toys for extra cash

Don’t pass up the opportunity for some extra cash this season by selling your kids’ gently-used clothing, toys, furniture, and accessories. Call ahead for information on what your local resale store is buying.  Some stores will set up a one-on-one appointment with the buyer and others allow you to walk in at your convenience to sell your outgrown kid’s stuff.

About Children’s Orchard:
Founded in 1980, Children’s Orchard is the nation’s first franchise of gently used and new name-brand children’s items. With about 60 franchise locations, each Children’s Orchard location buys and sells quality used and new children’s brand name clothing, toys and accessories in an upscale retail environment.  Children’s Orchard stores are designed to emphasize quality, value, comfort and commitment to the local community.  For more information, please visit the website at
www.childrensorchard.com or call (800) 999-KIDS.

More tips on shopping consignment and saving money on baby:

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- Baby items that are safe to borrow

- 10 Ways to save big bucks on baby gear


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Plus, the lessons we learned on this mission we can pass on to future missions with similar hardware."Space station Program Manager Mike Suffredini joked Friday that Jett's crew was so successful his biggest challenge now is convincing people station construction is as difficult as NASA managers and astronauts have been saying.But Joe Tanner, a four-flight veteran who now ranks fourth in the world for total time spacewalking, said Atlantis' mission might not have gone so well if two rookies - Dan Burbank and Canadian flier Steve MacLean - hadn't gotten a galled bolt out during the crew's second spacewalk.Asking about Suffredini's joking comment, Tanner said "I want to squash that bug right now. These EVAs were not easy. The fact that everybody said they looked easy is a real compliment to these three other people here and we appreciate it. Thank you very much."Floating on Atlantis' aft flight deck by Burbank, MacLean and his own partner, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Tanner then reached down and pulled up a giant wrench."I know these two guys, these big, strong guys, aren't going to brag on themselves, so I want to show you the tool that they used on EVA-2," Tanner said. "This is a ratchet wrench with a nine-inch rigid extension and a cheater bar to give yourself a little more leverage. The moment arm here is around two feet and these guys backed out a bolt that was sticky, they're estimating it was probably 130 to 140 foot pounds of torque. They basically cut some new threads in a pretty sizable bolt. That was not in any shape or form easy."If we hadn't gotten that bolt out, the arrays would not have been able to deploy and we'd be scratching our heads right now trying to figure out how to get that bolt out. So thanks for telling us we made it look easy, but it certainly was not."Atlantis blasted off Sept. 9, one day after a fuel tank hydrogen sensor malfunctioned and forced a 24-hour delay. NASA managers considered launching Atlantis that same day, despite a flight rule that calls for a 24-hour stand down in that situation. In the end, launch was scrubbed during a final hold at the T-minus nine-minute mark.Jett said today he agreed with the decision to stand down in accordance with the applicable launch commit criteria, or LCC. But he didn't mind taking the countdown into the final hold while the issue was discussed."When we left for the pad, we sort of expected that we were not going to launch," he said. "We knew what the LCC rule was, it was written very clearly. We write those rules ahead of time so when we get into a situation with launch pressure, or maybe a little bit of launch fever, we can go to the rules and (know) we've debated all that rationale in a calmer environment."We were ready to go, obviously, but we expected to go out and at some point scrub in the launch. But we felt it was a very worthwhile exercise because we know it was good to check out as many of the systems on the vehicle, take the count as far as you can, to try to discover any potential issues for that launch attempt on Saturday."Jett, Tanner, Burbank, Piper, MacLean and pilot Chris Ferguson enjoyed a half-day off earlier today. Sunday morning, Atlantis is scheduled to undock from the space station and, after a one-and-a-quarter-loop fly-around for a photo survey of the lab complex, back away to a point about 40 nautical miles away.On Monday, the crew will carry out a second inspection of the shuttle's nose cap and wing leading edge panels, which experience the most extreme heating during re-entry, to make sure no space debris or micrometeoroids hit the craft after a similar inspection the day after launch.Assuming no problems are found, the astronauts will pack up Tuesday and test the shuttle's re-entry systems before heading back to the Kennedy Space Center Wednesday morning.Touchdown is targeted for 5:57 a.m., but forecasters say high crosswinds and possible thundershowers could cause problems. Atlantis has enough on-board supplies, however, to stay in orbit for at least three additional days if necessary. The forecast improves Thursday, with light winds and only a slight chance of showers.Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:LAUNCH AS SEEN BY HIGH-ALTITUDE WB-57 AIRCRAFT VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER CAM: STARBOARD INWARD VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER CAM: STARBOARD UPWARD VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER CAM: STARBOARD DOWNWARD VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER CAM: PORT INWARD VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER CAM: PORT UPWARD VIDEO:SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER CAM: PORT DOWNWARD VIDEO:FIRST SOLAR WING DEPLOYED HALF-WAY VIDEO:SECOND SOLAR WING EXTENDED ONE SECTION VIDEO:FIRST SOLAR WING EXTENDED ONE SECTION VIDEO:POST-EVA 2 STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:PORT 3/PORT 4 TRUSS KEEL PIN REMOVED AND STOWED VIDEO:HELMETCAM OF BURBANK REMOVING SARJ RESTRAINT VIDEO:SPACEWALKERS PAUSE FOR PICTURE TIME VIDEO:STEVE MACLEAN REPORTS LOST BOLT VIDEO:ROTARY JOINT LOCK REMOVED BY SPACEWALKER VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP PREVIEW OF SPACEWALK NO. 2 VIDEO:POST-EVA 1 STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:TANNER LOSES BOLT DURING ROTARY JOINT WORK VIDEO:PIPER UNFOLDS SOLAR BLANKET BOXES VIDEO:SECOND WING'S STRUCTURE DEPLOYED BY PIPER VIDEO:FIRST SOLAR WING'S STRUCTURE DEPLOYED BY TANNER VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP PREVIEW OF SPACEWALK NO. 1 VIDEO:TRUSS HANDED FROM SHUTTLE ARM TO STATION ARM VIDEO:ARM MANEUVERS TRUSS OVER SHUTTLE WING VIDEO:TRUSS SLOWLY LIFTED OUT OF PAYLOAD BAY VIDEO:ATLANTIS' ARM GRAPPLES THE TRUSS VIDEO:MONDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:ATLANTIS WELCOMED ABOARD THE STATION VIDEO:DOCKING REPLAY FROM CAMERA ON SHUTTLE ARM VIDEO:SHUTTLE ATLANTIS DOCKS TO THE STATION VIDEO:ATLANTIS' BREATH-TAKING FLIP MANEUVER VIDEO:CREW'S CAMCORDER FOOTAGE OF EXTERNAL TANK VIDEO:NARRATED ANIMATION PREVIEWING TRUSS UNBERTHING VIDEO:NARRATED ANIMATION PREVIEWING THE DOCKING VIDEO:NARRATED ANIMATION OF PAYLOAD BAY CONFIGURATION MORE: VIDEO:BRIEFING ON TANK'S PERFORMANCE VIDEO:TANK'S ONBOARD CAMERA LIFTOFF TO SEPARATION VIDEO:FLIGHT DIRECTOR EXPLAINS INSPECTIONS VIDEO:SUNDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:LAUNCH OF ATLANTIS! 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The unwanted effects are delicate and usually consist of: reddening, or flaking of your respective pores and skin crusting inflammation itchiness burning or, remarkable of your respective pores and skin color. Undesirable effects which happen to be unheard of might contain: headache, muscular discomfort, again agony, inflamed lymph nodes, flu-like indications and symptoms, diarrhea, or yeast infections. The region obtaining cure could become worse in advance of improving, all through some patients the addressed location can become completely light-weight or darkish. Just just in case of significant reaction, some sufferers may very well be wanted to just take a rest within just the therapy.
Anonymous July 03, 2014
Theoretically I oppose an account balance spending budget amendment. In occasions for instance these when our nation is within an financial downturn, or probably is getting released from the recession, tax revenues towards the us government are decrease. A well-balanced budget amendment would stress the us government to lessen solutions all through a period we want them almost certainly essentially the most.