First Clues

Eager to find out if you’re pregnant or not? These moms told us what their first pregnancy symptoms were. Check them out to see if you match up!

Tired woman in bed

Nausea, extreme fatigue, dry mouth, racing heart? A mom’s first pregnancy symptom can be any of these, or something else entirely. So, if you’re hunting for early pregnancy symptoms of your own, we’ve gathered what other moms felt first.

I first thought I was pregnant when ...

Jenna: “The sides of my boobs (near my underarm) get really sore right around the time I miss my period. I always know right away.”

Brittney: “First time around, my boobs felt really weird the day before my period was supposed to start. This time, extreme exhaustion, haha. I could sleep all the time!”

Jackee: “Dark nipples, and I was about four weeks along.”

Danielle: “With my first, what I noticed was I was more gassy and had a definite increase in appetite. And with my second, an intense craving for a certain food. It was within the first month both times.”

Stacy: “Extreme fatigue and cramping (about 12dpo) with my first...followed by missed period (14dpo), sore breasts (5.5 weeks), and morning sickness (6 weeks). With my second, it was cramping, sore breasts, and nausea all in the 2ww, followed by missed period and sore breasts (6 weeks).”

Chelsea: “A little less than a week before my missed period, I ate a tomato with a bowl of ice cream. I was going to get ice cream in the kitchen and I saw the tomatoes and suddenly needed to eat both. It was absurdly amazing.”

Nicole: “Heartburn! I had horrible heartburn from about 2 weeks after conception on. I had never had heartburn before so I knew something was up.”

Brooke: “I missed my period by about two weeks. I was in denial for the first week (it wasn't unusual for me to have late/early periods) but the second week I felt ‘different.’ And bam, the stick said my eggo was preggo. Haha.”

Hillary: “A positive pregnancy test. I am pretty much symptomless. Although i bought a bra a size bigger than normal before I knew I was pregnant with my twins but didn't put 2 and 2 together.”

Karen: "Nausea, at 3 weeks."


What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

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