Embarrassing moments
Embarrased woman

Pregnancy is a time of hopeful planning and dreaming, but it can also lead to some pretty embarrassing moments, which in hindsight, can be pretty hilarious.

Oh mom!

These moms share their funniest, most embarrassing pregnancy stories — so you won’t feel so alone.

Peeing, silly husband questions and poop. Pregnancy is glorious, but it’s physically awkward and things happen that you’d rather didn’t. Maybe, if it’s happened to someone else, possibly it won’t be so terrible if it happens to you. Or maybe it will. Either way, we hope you enjoy these crazy, embarrassing and funny stories.

The doctor needs to do what?

Christy, mom of three: “I had to deal with my ex-husband asking me multiple times (and kind of in a shy manner) if I needed to go to the doctor so that I could breastfeed. I was confused because we went to breastfeeding classes at the hospital. I finally got tired of him randomly asking me this and I blurted out, ‘Why are you asking me this, we were just at the doctor?!’ Come to find out, he actually thought that it was necessary for the doctor to poke holes in my breast so the milk could come out. And after telling [this] story to others, he‘s not the only man that thought ‘something‘ had to be done to get the milk out.”

Toilet paper pad

Brittney, mom of one and pregnant with her second: “After having Bella, I always heard stories from other women about having bladder issues after having a baby, and I thought I was super lucky that I never had any. Then, when I got pregnant again, I threw up a lot, and every time I threw up I peed my pants, so I made sure I was always wearing a pantyliner, until about 24 weeks when my puking cut back to once a day. Anyway, I was sitting in the middle of class a few weeks after, when it hit me all of the sudden, I had to throw up right then. Luckily, there was a bathroom next door. As I was sprinting to the bathroom it hit me that I wasn't wearing a pantyliner and I hadn't packed any extra undies on that day. So when I got to a bathroom stall, without bothering to shut the door because there just wasn't time, I gathered up a giant wad of toilet paper and shoved it down my pants and proceeded to puke, and pee my pants, with the bathroom stall door wide open and a couple of random strangers at the sinks. I was mortified!”

Air fresheners

Lisa, mom of three: “During my daughter’s delivery, I had an epidural, my mom was holding one leg and my husband the other. The nurse kept telling me to push, and every time I did I could feel myself pooping. Then I was so embarrassed I kept asking if they had air fresheners. The nurses laughed and said, ‘It’s normal, don't worry,’ but I couldn't keep pushing until they brought in something. So I stopped pushing while we waited for the nurse to return with a handful of air freshener gel packs she had stolen from the janitor’s storage!”

Trim job

Heather, mother of two: “I had been complaining of cervical pain for a couple weeks and my doctor finally called me in to do an exam. The night before I tried to groom ‘down there’ and did a horrible job, it was patchy and ridiculous looking. I refused to fix it since I figured it would just be one quick exam and I could get a wax the next day. Well the night before my appointment, my water broke, so my ridiculous looking lady parts were pretty much on display for the next week.”

Facebook faux pas

Lara, mom of three: “... I posted to the entirety of Facebook in graphic detail how I had passed my bloody mucous plug and was starting into labor with Tiffany rather than posting it to a private group as I had intended? Not much embarrasses me, but that was a bit much, even for me! Unfortunately I know tons of people saw it because they congratulated me and wished me well… and made other silly comments... ”

A poop problem

Ashley, mother of three: “When I was pregnant with our third child Ethan, I was potty training our second child Mackenzie. I was huge! Nine months pregnant and couldn't see my feet when I walked. Mackenzie was yelling that she pooped from the bathroom down the hall. I went to go help her and my bare feet slide across a pile of poop in the hall and I almost fell in it. Potty training a toddler and being nine months pregnant doesn't always go so well.”

And another poop problem

Katie, mom of two: “I started Zofran for morning sickness and it was extremely constipating. It got stuck and after about two hours of trying to pass it I gave up and went to the ER. The doc had a great sense of humor for the removal and asked my husband if he wanted a ’two for the price of one.’”

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