What Do You Promise To Do - And Not To Do - During Pregnancy?

"I don't know about ya'll, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired," writes Noel to her fellow 10-week moms-to-be. "So here are my pregnancy pledges... What are your pledges for the upcoming months?"
Real moms

  1. I will stop complaining about feeling fat. I am pregnant and everyone that knows me think that I look beautiful. So what if other people think I have a pot belly?
  2. I will not stop shaving my legs just because the hair is growing faster. I will not resign myself to pants everyday during summer. I will just shave more often. If I have to, I will even do it twice a day!
  3. I will wear a bikini and be proud of my tummy. At least until July. (Some insecurities just can't be gotten over by making a pledge...)
  4. I will wear pretty lingerie and feel sexy! 'nuf said.
  1. I second the bikini pledge...I will go to the beach with my husband and wear a two piece swimsuit and not care what the skinny girls think.
  2. I will do my very best to not let things stress me out, because now it's not only affecting my health, but my baby's health, too.
  3. I will drink more water...because right now, unless you count Kool-aid, I don't get any.
  4. I will accept help when it's offered... something I've always had a problem doing.

  1. I will shave my legs at least once a week.
  2. I will not wear a bathing suit that has a little skirt on it.
  3. I will make DH help me out when I am tired...right now I'm trying to be She-ra.
  4. I WILL use the excuse "because I'm pregnant."
  5. I will not obsess over the weight that I gain, or stretch marks.
  1. I PLEDGE... to not gain as much weight as I did with the first kiddo.
  2. I PLEDGE... to not worry so much about what finances will be like after the new baby. God will take care of us like he always has.
  3. I PLEDGE... to still play with my 16 month old daughter, even when I get a big ole belly and may not feel like getting on the floor.
  1. I PLEDGE to keep going to the gym twice a week.
  2. I PLEDGE to start doing my stretch video twice a week - I don't want to get all stiff and uncomfortable like I did with DD.
  3. I PLEDGE to go back to the healthy eating habits I adopted when I was first pg. Somehow they've all gone by the wayside.
  4. I PLEDGE to go for a walk as many days each week as I can manage.
  5. I PLEDGE to start drinking at least three litres of water per day again - for some reason I stopped.
  6. I PLEDGE to keep shaving my legs and not use "I'm pregnant" as an excuse!
  1. I pledge to not worry about my weight with this baby. I will eat well and enjoy!
  2. I pledge to not worry about bathing suits, especially since my kids like the beach and I live in Florida.
  3. I pledge to continue giving my two little ones all the attention they need, even when I feel too tired to do it!
  1. I pledge... to not complain about my fatness! To feel pregnant and beautiful
  2. I pledge... to get massages, legs waxed, a facial...all that yummy stuff that makes me feel good. Not to let it all go....
  3. I pledge... to keep doing pilates twice a week, and start prenatal yoga in my second trimester
  4. I pledge... not to worry! not to get stressed, take it one day at a time...enjoy the journey, the process....that's what it's all about.

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