A Mother's Poem To Her Baby

Poet Monica Smith shares feelings she experienced watching her children grow up. Regarding her poetry, she explains, "I write what I like to call 'accessible' poetry, and feel that poetry need not be written in a complicated language only a select few can comprehend. Poetry allows for the freedom of expression, and in that, there is freedom in expression.
Monica E. Smith

I cannot fathom the strength
of this cord
which binds my life with yours.
It envelops every waking moment,
trespassing even unto deepest sleep.
With what love must it be fashioned
that it does not tear apart
from stress and strain
of this world's travails;
nor does it fray
even years after it ceases
to serve its purpose.
I cannot fathom the strength
of this cord.

You were so small
I knew you
would always need me
Then you grew
despite a mother's forbidding
But I loved you still
And you needed me yet

Now you are tall
And I doubt you
need me
Soon you (must) leave
despite unspoken forbidding
But I will love you still
Please need me yet

It's hard, this silence,
the unnerving quietude within
these vacant rooms, within
the walls of this empty heart
now adorned only with echoes
of your life
It's hard, this silence
that resonates without restraint,
without mercy for this empty heart
now filled only with sorrow
upon your leave-taking

Growing Pains
The sadness you hide from my eyes
Does not go unnoticed by my heart
Your tears well-up, but do not spill over,
And for the moment, the storm is thwarted
Perhaps when I leave...

I want to stop the pain, hold you,
Tell you it will be all right,
needing this moment for myself
as much as I believe you do

But, aching inside, I leave you
To cleansing tears,
Pray away your pain
And wish with all my heart
Growing up was not so hard

In the spring
When she was a child
I wanted her
To be a ballerina
So she put on a tutu
And toe shoes
And danced for me

Now it is autumn
And the winds blow colder
She dresses in jeans
And sweatshirts
And a Superman hat
And I want her
Simply to bePregnancyAndBaby.com

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