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  1. Male fertility

    Infertility: Is it him or me?

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    People often assume that infertility is a woman’s problem, but that’s not always the case. In fact, the man is either the sole cause...
  2. Infertility

    Superfoods to boost fertility

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    When you're trying to get pregnant, every avenue for fertility seems important. But could it be as simple as adding a few...
  3. TTC

    Make your boudoir ready for baby-making

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    Conception is a science, but there are still a few things you can do to help Mother Nature along when trying to conceive. Before you...
  4. TTC

    How to chart your fertility

    For many women, charting monthly menstrual cycles is the first step in the journey to parenthood. Here, Dr. Melissa Esposito, a...
  5. Baby

    How to use a saliva ovulation test

    A saliva ovulation test can help you figure out when you are most fertile in order to get pregnant. To tip the fertility scale in...
  6. TTC

    5 Ways to increase your fertility

    The topic of fertility hits close to home with every person longing to be a parent. While it may seem that the details surrounding...