I always heard that when you're pregnant you get big old swollen feet. Luckily I somehow escaped that issue. Now...
I always heard that when you're pregnant you get big old swollen feet. Luckily I somehow escaped that issue. Now my thighs; whole other issue. But my feet stayed the same.ames-walker-files-108-250×355.jpg I'm not typical though. Many women; most I've know experience swelling in their feet. Puffy ankles, discomfort, and more. There are some things you can do to reduce the swelling and get some relief.
  • The more you lay back and relax the better. This is not a get out of exercise free card -- but still when you're sitting make sure you elevate your legs. This will help your legs and feet to feel better.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. I talk about the importance of water a lot at P&B but it is important. The more you drink the healthier you'll be and the less swelling your body will experience. This goes for during pregnancy and even if you're not pregnant.
  • No high heels! I like a fashionable mama as much as the next gal but seriously if ever there was a time for comfortable shoes it's during pregnancy.
Get some stellar support. Remember the great contest we've got going on? Well wearing a pair of maternity hosiery like the ones from Ames Walker can not only help prevent varicose veins but also help prevent and reduce swelling in your feet. Enter our contest to win a pair of Ames Walker Maternity Hose and see for yourself.
Note that after pregnancy, most mamas feet won't be puffy anymore. However, you may wear a bigger shoe size after pregnancy -- try not to shoe shop during and you'll be ok.

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