There are plenty of old wives tales and myths about baby raising. Some are true, some hold grains of truth,...
There are plenty of old wives tales and myths about baby raising. Some are true, some hold grains of truth, and others... Well, others are outright lies. shy-baby-cedar.jpgOne huge myth new parents hear from folks is that we as mamas and dads make our babies into who they are. Thus if your child isn't exactly who you expect or who you think he should be it's likely because you screwed up big time. Total myth! Babies are hot wired in many ways to be who they are and nothing you do will change that fact. It's true that you have an affect on him say, if you practice attachment parenting and breastfeeding you will likely have a calmer baby. That said molding and shaping your child is one thing but there's not much you can do to change his deep down personality. Case in point -- Cedar vs. me. Cedar was born shy (although at my house we say "slow to warm") I was such a show-off, wanna be a star as a baby and young child it was insane. I'm not such an attention hound now but I still am really social. Cedar wouldn't even talk to a clerk at a store until he turned five or so and he's still very aware of anyone new and is careful of how he interacts. He needs tons of alone time and does not love to go do social activities which is my absolute opposite. There are upsides to his shy personality. For instance at the age of four I took off from my mom and wandered a shopping mall for literally hours. I wasn't scared and had a great time talking to total strangers. It took the police a long time to find me because the first two cops who did find me asked if I was lost and I told them "NO." How dangerous huh. Cedar would NEVER do this -- it would be his worst nightmare. I think he's a much safer child because he's so shy. But I didn't always see it this way. I used to think I did something wrong because how could he possibly be so shy? But it's not me. We socialized and hung out with other friends and babies when he was tiny -- he just is who he is. You may have a baby who cries more than others, or seems happy even when getting a shot. Maybe your little babbles non-stop or maybe he gets angry about chatting. It's not up to you and don't let people make you feel bad because your baby is different from their's. Look at your baby as the wonderful individual that he is and enjoy the process of learning about his views on the world. You may even learn something new about yourself. Don't forget to enter Pregnancy & Baby's Little Monsters Contest -- you can win fabulous prizes that will help you preserve your digital memories!

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