Part of baby planning and pregnancy is thinking about which birth control method (if any) you'd like to use after...
Part of baby planning and pregnancy is thinking about which birth control method (if any) you'd like to use after giving birth. It's recommended by numerous experts that women wait; usually at least a year, before becoming pregnant again after giving birth so you need to know your options. The problem is that many women are not receiving adequate contraceptive advice from their care providers. Recent UK research released by educational initiative 'Talk Choice' notes that, "Only one third of women felt that their GP, Nurse or Family Planning Clinic gave sound advice on contraception" and that, "Less than one quarter felt that they had been offered a choice of contraceptive methods." Other sobering results of this research shows that 60% of women using the pill admitted to forgetting to take it on several occasions and that two in five said they had unprotected sex even though they did not want to become pregnant. About 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned so this research is a step in the direction of why. Partly it may be because, as the research shows only one quarter of women rely on their doctor or nurse for information on contraception and many women said there's just not enough time to learn about their contraceptive choices. To address the above, 'Talk Choice' just launched Contraceptive Choices a one-stop-shop for contraception information and advice. The site is UK based but useful for women everywhere. I found it very easy to navigate and also it's woman friendly. No lectures, just good information in easy to digest chunks. Part of becoming a good parent and taking care of your health as a woman is knowing when you'd like to become pregnant and having the resources to plan accordingly. If you feel short on time or need to know your birth control options Contraceptive Choices can answer your questions kindly and quickly. A great site to bookmark. And remember you can talk to your health care provider about birth control. No matter your age or what stage of life you may be in -- that's what they're there for.

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