Art is amazing for so many reasons. Kids that grow up with art around them and the supplies to create...
Art is amazing for so many reasons. Kids that grow up with art around them and the supplies to create can develop their imagination and thinking skills. Even the very young can participate in art projects. pens_1.jpgSafety first. With little babies about five months and up you can introduce art supplies but need to always be with them. Five months may sound young but what I did was I'd let Cedar paint his feet and kick paper or let him squeeze soft clay. Just to give him an idea that these sort of supplies exist. My friends let their 7 month old go to town with finger paints and the picture they have framed is absolutely amazing. So it can be fun and create nice memories to get your kids started young with art. By nine months your baby will be able to hold many items and even draw and paint a little. Some good art supplies for the very young include. Soft clay, non-toxic crayons (the nice fat ones, finger paints, markers, and water colors. The biggest problem with this age group is that they still want to eat everything. You need to watch to be sure anything harmful doesn't go in your baby's mouth. However, at this age your baby will be able to start trying to draw. Grab a huge sheet of paper and get out your supplies. I see a lot of babies this age who like markers and paint over crayons and I think it's because you have to press harder to get crayons to show on paper. Another option is to let your baby use washable paints in the bathtub on the walls and tub. She can experiment and then you just wash down the tub. My son also liked to simply paint with water. If you get an old chalkboard your baby can draw cool things in water and they just vanish. Most importantly allow your baby to do art her way. Don't set too many rules (other than safety) and keep it fun. This way you know she'll enjoy art for years to come.

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