Toys, toys, and more toys. It can get a little scary. Especially when you consider that your baby is unlikely...
Toys, toys, and more toys. It can get a little scary. Especially when you consider that your baby is unlikely to even play with most of her baby toys. This is a baby budget area that you can save a lot of money in. baby-toy-fun.jpgDon't buy any baby toys: No, I'm not talking about cruel baby punishment. I am talking about all those adoring fans your baby will have. I bought Cedar baby toys but in the end I could have not. He received so many gifts of toys from relatives and friends that it was crazy. If you have a baby born around a major holiday like Christmas, expect this windfall to double. At the very least think about waiting to buy toys until after you see what everyone is giving you. Buy thrift store and garage sale toys: First, if you're worried about dirt; stop it, there's not much a little hot water and soap can't fix in my opinion. Plus your baby will try things like eating cereal off the floor; a used toy or two won't hurt her. Baby (and older kid) toys are in huge abundance and super cheap at places like garage sales. Have a toy swap: Once you get to know other mamas try a fun toy swap. Gather all the mamas and babes you know together, mix in some yummy snacks, and switch away. Skip the official toy store: Toys at actual toy stores are almost always more expensive than toys at places like Target. Don't buy too many toys ahead of time: Some toys you may be thinking about snatching now for when your baby turns three may not work out for you. My son loved baby dolls when he was about one years old. But by three he would have nothing to do with them. My girlfriend's baby decided at age two to hate the color red -- sadly her mama (who admittedly was a red fan) bought her little stuff like a red play phone, a red doll house, and more only to have her daughter snub them. Also, buying ahead makes it harder to know about recalls. Try to only buy classics ahead like blocks and books.

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