Instead of cake at your baby shower, you might want to consider cupcakes. Cupcakes have some nice benefits; like no...
Instead of cake at your baby shower, you might want to consider cupcakes. Cupcakes have some nice benefits; like no plates or forks required, and an adorable quality that is separate from whole cakes. Plus, you can personalize each - it's like having tons of cool cakes instead of just one. Here are some ideas to suggest to your local bakery - or if you're handy with fondant, or know someone who is, you could have a DIY baby shower. These first cupcakes are from another bloggers site, Greedy Goose - she made them! I can't believe it. They look amazing for homemade.

baby shower

baby shower

She actually made lots of beautiful cupcakes, including some beautiful butterfly ones - go see! Want more cupcake inspiration? The Sweet Avenue Bake Shop has these gorgeous Mommy 2 Bee cupcakes. How neat are these! Just great colors.

baby shower

Sweet Avenue also has a blog with tons of yummy creations. And in I can't believe someone could be so creative news, the most amazing baby bird cupcakes! I LOVE these. Don't you love them? Look at the little coconut nest. These are from another blogger as well, not a bakery. This woman is talented. You know, I'm starting to wish I could make cupcakes. I bet mine would look nutty. Sad.

baby blue bird cupcake

So these should get your cupcake ideas brewing. You can have a beautiful shower just by thinking a little outside the cake box.

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