I know that you were just dieing to hear the words "painful urination" first thing in the morning. Just kidding,...
I know that you were just dieing to hear the words "painful urination" first thing in the morning. Just kidding, but painful urination during pregnancy, or following your baby's birth can be a problem for many women. If you experience painful urination during pregnancy, you'll need to report it to your care provider because it could be a sign of a bladder infection. Don't try to self treat with an over the counter medicine, tell your care provider so they can recommend the best action. If you experience painful urination after your baby arrives, it's likely due to all that pushing action that just went on down there. Pain can be common after childbirth because of the trauma to the perineum. When your acidic urine touches the area - ouch. The best way to avoid this pain is to use a squirt water bottle as you pee. Fill the squirt bottle with cool or warm water and as you urinate, also squirt water onto your perineum. This helps to dilute the urine. Also, make sure to keep up with any pain meds your care provider has offered you. So, lovely topic, right? Still, it happens, and if it does, believe me you'll be glad for that water bottle tip.

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