If you have a little girl, or soon will then you're lucky, because summer is coming, and there are some...
If you have a little girl, or soon will then you're lucky, because summer is coming, and there are some truly amazing baby girl summer sets out there. You won't believe what I found. All of these items are available at the beautiful Little Fashions Boutique - which is the most fun ever you'll have browsing baby fashion. The brand new Kate Mack "Seaside Sparkle" 2pc Green Ruffle Top & Bloomer Set - oh my gosh. Have you EVER seen anything more adorable? I honestly don't know if I have. yhst-83959269427248_1994_3556739.gif yhst-83959269427248_1994_3621811.gif Or how about this Kate Mack "Frosted Sugar" The Sweetest Pink Dress w/tulle Trim. Or you could go for a more modern, yet still pretty look with the Me Too Atla Belis Fun Knit Dress w/ Floral Trellis & Tie Belt. yhst-83959269427248_1991_72736264.gif yhst-83959269427248_1991_79701924.gif And then of course you'll need shoes. I love the Naturino Stunning Baby & Toddler Sandals w/Butterfly Front and the Faro Incredible Watercolor Flower MJ Shoes. Both are high end baby shoe budget finds, but so cool. yhst-83959269427248_1993_22456805.gif yhst-83959269427248_1995_15530396.gif Baby girl clothing is way too much fun. If I did have a baby girl, I tell you, I'm not sure what I'd do - maybe become an avid shopper?

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