Did you know that Earth Day is on April 22? That's pretty soon. It's time to start thinking about how...
Did you know that Earth Day is on April 22? That's pretty soon. It's time to start thinking about how you can celebrate.

Earth Day

In my opinion, the best way to celebrate Earth Day is to be green all year long, not just on one "special" day. If you're expecting or a mama already, there is so much you can do to make your family's life a little greener and healthier. This month, we'll be looking at ways to celebrate on Earth Day, and also I'll be posting some new green baby issues and products. Some ideas we've already looked at here at Pregnancy & Baby, easy ideas you can use right away include: Breastfeed your little one Add green gift ideas to your gift registry Ditch baby bottles contaminated by toxic plastics chemicalBuy a safer, greener, baby mattress Shop at eco-friendly baby stores Limit your use of toxic household cleaning products Create an eco nursery What are you thinking about doing to celebrate Earth Day? 

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