Little ears usually love music and music is a great tool for learning and exploring the world. Case in point...
Little ears usually love music and music is a great tool for learning and exploring the world. Case in point - no one ever learned the alphabet by talking it out. When your baby is super small you can sing to him. I used to sing Joni Mitchell songs to Cedar and he'd pass right out - maybe it's the quiet nature of the music, or maybe he just wanted to get aways from my voice! But, for a tired mama, I didn't care, except I was happy it worked. You don't have to sing Joni songs by the way, any soothing or rhyming tunes will do. Play music from day one. There's no reason to stop listening to music just because you bring a baby home. If you listen to rock, symphony, or other loud music just be sure to keep it at a reasonable level. As your little one becomes an older baby and then a toddler, you can supply some easy instruments, like a drum, beans inside an envelope or jar, or a tiny just for fun piano. Maracas are an especially nice instrument for small children. You can sing together and dance. A couple of don't: Don't force music - this is not the age for lessons. Don't buy real instruments yet. Who knows what your little one might like, plus toy instruments are safely made especially for little hands. Growing Tree Toys has some perfect instruments for your little one. Glockentoddler Toy Instrument


Shake N Strum Toy Instrument


Shake, Rattle & Drum Set


That's enough instruments to start a baby band - look out world!

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