I love most things about babies. I don't even really mind cranky babies. They always go back to fun baby...
I love most things about babies. I don't even really mind cranky babies. They always go back to fun baby eventually. The one thing I don't love about babies is drool. baby_droolBefore I had Cedar I'd heard that babies drool. What no one can prepare you for is that your baby will essentially drool enough to fill a small bathtub. Yuck. Everything in the house, including your furniture, carpet, food, bed, shelves, hair, face, and clothing gets sopping wet. Babies love to drool right before you need to snap a photo, or right after a nice cleansing bath. Man did I ever get sick to death of the drool. Plus drool irritates tiny cheeks and chins making your baby super cranky. Drool to me, is not so adorable. Where does it come from? There are two main reasons your baby will drool. One he could be teething. The popping up of tiny teeth can often cause massive drooling. Two, babies drool because they produce a lot of saliva while putting everything known to man in their mouth. Chewing on objects constantly causes excess saliva. Try chewing gum all day and you'll be drooling too. Can you stop it? Sadly no. How much your baby drools, and for how long is specific to your baby. Some babies drool from three months to a year. Some drool after their first birthday passes. It really depends. You should try to prevent irritated baby skin. You can smooth a little petroleum jelly onto your baby's face to try and block the moisture. You can also follow him religiously with a drool rag. Neither options work perfectly. The good news is that your baby will do lots of other truly adorable things during the drooling stage. Enough to make you forget about the drool, at least temporarily. Also, he'll eventually stop drooling, and unlike new baby smell, you won't miss the drooling. Another perk!

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Joeiiq November 07, 2014
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