I just have the one son, so personally, I've never had to deal with a clingy toddler alongside of a...
I just have the one son, so personally, I've never had to deal with a clingy toddler alongside of a newborn. However some of my friends have been through this. toddler.jpgThey have a new baby and their toddler is super upset to share attention, becoming jealous and or clingy. Since it helps to have peace and calm when breastfeeding, a crying toddler can be an issue. Here's what might help the situation: Have some very special toys set aside that your toddler can only play with while you breastfeed your baby. Try doing activities that require little movement. You can read to your toddler if he turns the pages, or sing together, or watch a cartoon. Keep him close so he feels like you're paying attention. Get help from your partner when possible. They can hang out. Prepare. If it's snack time get your toddler a snack before breastfeeding. If he's tired put him down for a nap. If he's got a runny noise, have some tissue nearby.

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