If you're feeling nausea during pregnancy, try these naturally soothing morning sickness finds... Organic Preggie Pops Plain old ginger...
If you're feeling nausea during pregnancy, try these naturally soothing morning sickness finds... Organic Preggie Pops Plain old ginger root grated into your tea, food, or eaten in small bites. If you want something natural and ginger that you don't have to cut up yourself, try Original Ginger Chews or Morning Wellness Tea. Psi Bands: drug-free wrist bands for nausea relief due to morning sickness and other common nausea issues (motion sickness, chemo, etc.


Hypnotherapy can help if your morning sickness is partially induced by stress or worry. Rest: Never underestimate rest. Getting enough sleep has no downside, requires no drugs, and you'll feel better.

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