When you're pregnant for the first time, something you might worry about is false labor vs. the real thing. It...
When you're pregnant for the first time, something you might worry about is false labor vs. the real thing. It can be confusing; even to mamas who have given birth more than once. real laborHere are some signs that you really are in labor:  You're crampy: Think back to your before pregnant self - remember how you got cramps during your period? They'll be back during real labor. You will likely feel crampy as your uterus contracts and your back may hurt. If you're one of those lucky women who never had cramps, it'll feel tight, contracting, and maybe make you a little sick to your stomach. Also, the crampy feeling may go all the way around your body - belly to back. Moving makes your contractions worse: In false labor, it's likely that moving around will lesson your contractions, but during real labor, movement will kick your contractions up a notch - i.e you'll feel them stronger, and they'll be more painful. Don't let the thought of more pain limit your movement though. A lack of movement can cause a labor stall and possibly result in interventions. Pain in labor is good - it means you're progressing. Regular contractions: If your labor is the real deal, your contractions should develop a schedule of sorts. No here and there contractions; you should be able to time your contractions at about five to twenty minutes apart during early labor, and more frequently as labor progresses. Your water breaks: If your water breaks, birth is coming up sooner or later because your baby won't like being in that dry environment. Your labor may not have started yet, but it usually will within a day. If labor does not start you'll need to talk to your health care provider because induction may be necessary. Most women do not actually experience their water breaking before labor starts though, your water is more likely to break at the end of labor, before or during the birth, so this is a less likely sign to watch for.

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