If your baby is well-rested, seems to feels fine, and you've recently fed and changed her, why the flip is...
If your baby is well-rested, seems to feels fine, and you've recently fed and changed her, why the flip is she whining and crying?

bored baby

Babies cry, whimper, and whine for all sorts of reasons. A major reason can be boredom.If everything else seems great, she may just be bored with her day. Try the following to ease baby boredom (and that whining).
  • Get her out and about - go grocery shopping, head to the park, go to your library story time, or simply cruse the neighborhood.
  • Take her to another room of the house. Sometimes babies spend too much time in one place - usually the living area or nursery. Take her into your bedroom and fold laundry while she explores.
  • Create a bored day toy & book box. Highly interesting toys and books should be in the box, items your little one doesn't see each day. Take out said box when boredom strikes.
  • Talk or sing to her. Studies show that babies are more social then we think. Just chatting with your baby can crush out boredom immediately.

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