There's a lot to consider when buying a nursing bra. Here's a quick primer... Don't shop too early: The eighth...
There's a lot to consider when buying a nursing bra. Here's a quick primer... Don't shop too early: The eighth month is probably a safe time to shop. Let's hope your boobs aren't getting any bigger in the ninth month. Try them on: You really need to try on every nursing bra you're considering. If it feels at all tight, toss it aside. Tight nursing bras can promote breast infection issues (mastitis). The expanding cup: You want expanding cups; which basically means they'll become smaller and larger as your breasts do (your breasts will be bigger before a feeding). Also, keep in mind that you'll have extra padding (breast pads to stop leaks). Buy three or four: It's good to have about three or four nursing bras on hand. With leaks and baby spit-up issues, one or two will always be in the laundry, and you may need a spare. See some nice (even some silky) nursing bras.

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