The On-The-Go Booster Seat from The First Years, is a really nice piece of baby gear to own. I...
The On-The-Go Booster Seat from The First Years, is a really nice piece of baby gear to own. I had a baby travel booster seat that I absolutely hated when my son was a baby. It was too small and harder to carry - weighed a lot, didn't fold up too small, and so on. This travel booster seat looks awesome though. y1091_02_01_medium-230x199.jpgy1091b_01_medium-250x262.jpg This booster seat is made for little ones ages 9-36 months. The seat self inflates when you need it, and once mealtime is over you can release the air, fold down the back and carry the seat home with the self-carry handle. Most on-the-go booster seats run pretty small in the seat, but this one notes that it's a full sized booster. Visit Learning Curve to learn more.

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Many recommend using a Teflon or roller presser foot or placing tissue paper over the stitching area to help keep things under control. In addition, the wrong side of oilcloth has much better behavior so a little extra planning can minimize right side sewing. This tutorial uses a combination of wrong side sewing and bias tape to make the use of special presser feet or tissue paper unnecessary..

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