Once your little one moved on up to finger foods there are limitless possibilities for feeding health and fun. No...
Once your little one moved on up to finger foods there are limitless possibilities for feeding health and fun. No longer do you need to depend on mushy baby foods. baby finger foodsFollowing are some tips for the perfect prepping of baby finger foods:
  • If your little one eats finger foods before she's one year old, make sure to cut all food items into super-small pea-sized amounts.
  • Once your baby is getting some more teeth, or when she can successfully gum her food to death, you can leave food bites larger; in small strips, about the size (length and width) of your baby's finger.
  • Always remove peels and membranes from fruits.
  • Serve single food items to rule out baby food allergies.
  • All finger foods don't need to be mashed, but they should be prepared so that you could mash them. For example, cook beans and veggies until soft enough to mash before serving. To save on fruit and veggie cooking time, you can also try the the baby safe feeder.
  • Finger foods that are not served in soft-mashy style, should disintegrate (sort of melt) easily - like special baby specific cookies and crackers.
  • Most babies I know are dip addicts. Guacamole, fruit dips, cream cheese, and even salsa are decently healthy ways to incorporate more vitamins and new tastes into your baby's diet. Remember though, peanut butter and honey are dangerous dips for a baby under the age of one year, and should never be served.
  • Always avoid choking hazards like hot dogs, candy (hard or gummy), dried fruits, raisins, nuts, popcorn, seeds, whole grapes, and so on.
  • Never leave your baby alone with food - even if she's mastered finger foods. There's always a danger of choking.
Stay tuned for some ideas about healthy baby finger foods to serve.

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