In the last post we looked at the pros and cons of having a baby at the age of 20...
In the last post we looked at the pros and cons of having a baby at the age of 20 to 29. In this post we'll look at possible pros and cons of having a baby after the age of 30. Age 30 to 40 years: At this age there are plenty of pros to having a baby. Most women are settled both in relationships and career, and have financial stability that younger women sometimes don't have. If you've had a partner for years, you've had some nice alone time to grow the relationship and to discuss your needs and wants. Another bonus is that your own parents may be close to, or already at the retirement age, which means you may get some extra help with babysitting and childcare. The downside of having a baby at this age includes possible problems conceiving - as people age, conception rates fall, and having to adjust to a baby after many years in a life that only includes adults. Health complications in pregnancy and labor may be more present than in a younger woman, and your body may not bounce back as quickly after the birth. Age 40+: After the age of 40, conception rates fall even lower. Statistically, only about 2% of women have a first baby after the age of 40. You may need to have help conceiving (like in vitro) and there's a higher chance of pregnancy complications. There's also basis against older mamas. There shouldn't be, but like very young mamas, older mamas, may experience their fair share of mean or confused looks. It may also be harder to relate to children, because you're older and maybe more set in your ways. The pros of being a older mama may include being far more settled and financially stable than younger women. Your friends likely already have children, so you'll benefit from their knowledge, and because you're likely solid in your career, you may be more comfortable taking time off and still know that you'll be able to keep your job. Overall: The deal with age and pregnancy is much more related to your personal life, then generals. Above and in the last post we looked at generals, but deep down, you'll need to decide on your own pros and cons when it comes to having a baby. There are plenty of women who have babies younger than they imagined, or surprise babies when they're older, and it works out. People manage no matter their age, and your baby honestly won't care if you're 19 or 44, so long as you love and care for him. What do you think the best age to have a baby is? How come? 

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