In the last two posts we looked at morning activities and afternoon activities for your baby. Now it's time to...
In the last two posts we looked at morning activities and afternoon activities for your baby. Now it's time to look at the last moments of the day - evening time.
  • baby tummy time30 - 60 minute active play - get your baby moving. Try bouncing her on your knee, dancing, tossing a soft ball toward her, or help her to practice crawling or walking.
  • 30 minute video time - place your baby in her bouncy and put on a soothing video; maybe something from the Baby Einstein collection, although my son always liked the Cosby Show (I know weird), so try different videos.
  • 30 minute bath-time - make bath-time a fun time by introducing cool water toys or crayon soaps.
  • 60 minute quiet time - before bedtime, your baby should have some time to chill out and relax. Stories are a good calm evening activity. Another good idea is to place your baby on her back under an activity center with hanging toys, or give her some extra tummy time so she can get out any extra energy. To get your baby used to the idea of relaxing before bed, try to keep quiet time routine the same each night.
Next up we'll see the entire day's schedule. What sort of things do you do to help your baby unwind for the night?

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