The other day we looked at one baby milestone, baby eye contact. I thought it might be nice to go...
The other day we looked at one baby milestone, baby eye contact. I thought it might be nice to go over a few more baby milestones this week. It's fun to keep track of your baby's progress.


Baby gestures are totally cute, but gestures are also an important development marker. Most baby experts agree that baby gestures indicate that your baby not only understands what he's thinking, but that he's aware of his ability to communicate with others as well. Baby gestures usually appear at 12 months of age, and may consist of shoulder shrugging (huh, or I don't know), pointing in order to indicate what he wants or needs, and even opening his hand wide to say, "Hey my dinner is gone." Some babies will even grasp more complex gestures early on such as nodding their head yes, or more likely no. The best way to encourage gestures is to use them yourself. If you shrug, nod, and point, your baby will mimic you, and eventually understand what each gesture stands for. If you have a late talking baby, gestures can be a lifesaver, because gestures offer a communication form that doesn't envolve speech.

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