It's easy to go green with your baby, if you just remember the three R's... Reduce: Reduce the baby goods coming...
It's easy to go green with your baby, if you just remember the three R's...

reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce: Reduce the baby goods coming into your house. One baby doesn't need much, and by buying less, you reduce the energy drains on the planet. Breastfeed to reduce the need for plastic bottles. Make your own healthy homemade baby food, so that less glass and packaging is wasted. Reduce toxins and chemicals by creating the perfect eco-friendly nursery. Reuse: Thrift stores, consignment shops, and friends with older babes are great ways to score baby gear that's less draining on the earth's resources than new items. Plus you'll save money. When buying baby products, purchase items that can serve double duty. For example, cloth diapers make the perfect burp cloth, and if you buy baby blankets in larger sizes they'll transition to a toddler bed. Try using washcloths instead of baby wipes (at least while you're at home). Buy a refillable bottle and refill it with organic baby soap at your local co-op, instead of always buying new plastic bottles. Recycle: Recycle everything. Give your old baby clothing to a woman's shelter. Put baby wipe containers into the recycling bin. Try cloth diapers instead of diapers that have to be tossed into the trash. What are you doing to follow the three R's? Let me know in the comments!

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