When your baby has earwax, the last thing you should do is reach for the Q-tips. Pediatricians always recommend keeping...
When your baby has earwax, the last thing you should do is reach for the Q-tips. Pediatricians always recommend keeping Q-tips, or cotton swabs of any sort, clear of your baby's ears.


Why not use cotton swabs?  Sticking anything in your baby's ears is a dangerous prospect. Inside the ear canal is the ear drum, and if you hit or scratch it, it can cause hearing issues. Also, earwax is not only normal, but it's a good thing. Earwax helps to keep germs and other foreign objects out of your baby's ears. If you can't use cotton swabs, then how do you clean your baby's ears?  The best way to keep your baby's ears clean is to use a very small baby washcloth, that's dampened with warm water. No soap is necessary. Gently wipe around your baby's ears and the outermost area of his inner ear - but never stick anything in his ear; all your doing is wiping. If you have an older baby who is tugging at his ears, it could be an ear infection, or a bad baby cold. In this case you might see more wax buildup than usual. This calls for a call to or visit to the pediatricians. Worst case scenario, the pediatrician will clean your baby's ears with a bulb syringe, or give your baby medication.

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