I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this baby carrier. The FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier has a lot going for it, and...
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this baby carrier. The FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier has a lot going for it, and can help to make baby carrying much easier. My favorite is the gorgeous with flowers Theresa style Mei Tai...

baby carrier

How pretty! You can use this as a front or back carrier. While it's super lightweight, it still supports babies up to 35 pounds. The straps are adjustable for different sized mamas and it folds up so small it fits right in your diaper bag. Many different design styles are available. Another nice style is the Marie...

baby carrier

$72 - FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier + The Sling Station

Tags: baby holding baby slings beautiful baby sling fashion sling freehand mei tai baby carrier sling station

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