If you're trying to conceive, there are some key issues you should be discussing with your health care provider. Overall...
If you're trying to conceive, there are some key issues you should be discussing with your health care provider. Overall health: Habits, like smoking, your weight, and any other health concerns should be openly discussed. If there's an issue that might make conceiving or pregnancy difficult you can work on that with your provider - but only if they know about it. Medications you take: Prescription meds, over-the-counter meds, herbs, vitamins, essential oils, and any other medication should be brought up. Many meds aren't approved for use during pregnancy and your health care provider can help you find new options. Are you sad: Mood does matter. Your mood can be the difference between a happy healthy pregnancy and a problematic pregnancy. Also, if you don't take care of your own mental health, you're going to find that caring for a baby is hard, possibly too hard. Your cycle: If you have heavy, overly painful, or erratic period cycles, bring it up. Your health care provider can help you to figure out issues like tracking ovulation (with an erratic cycle) and in some cases painful periods can indicate a problem (like a fibroid) which can make conception difficult. Any other concerns: If you're feeling too old, too young, too scared, too unsure, too anything to have a baby, talk to your health care provider. These feelings are way normal, and you can get help. You want to feel positive and ready when you conceive. *PS not all health care providers will bring these issues up - for the health of yourself, and your soon-to-be baby, take the lead and bring them up yourself.

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