If your baby is fussy and has issue falling to sleep, essential oils may do the trick. Like any...

essential oils for baby

If your baby is fussy and has issue falling to sleep, essential oils may do the trick. Like any baby sleep aid, essential oils may not be the only answer, but they have been shown to help sooth a restless baby. Essential oils for a peaceful baby sleep: 
  1. Place a bowl of boiling water under your baby's crib - NOT in the crib. If you co-sleep, place the bowl in your bedroom, but out of reach so that your baby can't knock the bowl of hot water on herself.
  2. Into the bowl of water place 1 drop of pure geranium essential oil and 1 drop of pure Roman Chamomile essential oil.
  3. Close the door to the nursery or your bedroom to contain the vapors and heat from the water.
You can do this each night. These scents are soothing to little babies, and if you do it regularly, your babe might even come to associate these scents with a calm sleep pattern. To learn more about essential oils for you or your baby read: For more baby-friendly essential oil recipes check out my favorite essential oil book, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. Do you use essential oils for your baby? Which ones?

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