I never thought I'd see an actual study on forums, yet, now there is one. According to a new study...
I never thought I'd see an actual study on forums, yet, now there is one. According to a new study just out from the January issue of the UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing, forums for mamas have been shown to play a key role in developing as a mother. Forums are noted as being a great go-to place for advice and sharing that can help new mamas feel connected and may even help them to be better parents. Mamas who use forums were more likely to ask for help when they needed it (for all issues - baby parenting, health advice, and more), knew more than mamas who never participated in forums (for example, knew the best ways to get a baby to sleep), and were more likely to get together face to face with other new mamas (because they'd set up groups and meetings online). Was there a downside to forum use?: Actually yes. The study reports that while pregnant women and new mamas highly benefited from forum interaction, fathers are being mostly ignored. There are few forums for new dads, and also the mothers participating spoke as if father input mattered far less than mother input. The study urges more forums to include a father section or to integrate dads into the eisiting forum. Overall: If you're not online, chatting with other mamas, you may be missing out. SheKnows has an excellent forum you can check out where you can gain new mama advice, pregnancy tips, meet other mamas, and more.

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