I just saw these Bobby play pads. I'm not sure how I missed them before, but they sure are cute. The...
I just saw these Bobby play pads. I'm not sure how I missed them before, but they sure are cute.


The Boppy Play Pad come in shades of pink or blue. Each play pad features a soft mat in the shape of an adorable garden leaf, with dragonflies and brightly colored flowers. A mini Boppy pillow is included, so your baby can have some comfortable tummy time. The play pad comes with fun toys like a plush dragonfly with crinkle wings, a water-filled flower teether and a plastic ring rattle. There are also six links included so that you can attach toys to the pillow or pad.


Boppy Tummy Play - Play Pad - Garden Girl Boppy Tummy Play - Play Pad - Frog Fun + Boppy

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