Babies are smart little people. Before they can talk, it's easy to teach them body parts. Typically, starting at...

learning body parts

Babies are smart little people. Before they can talk, it's easy to teach them body parts. Typically, starting at about one year of age your baby is developed enough to identify basic body parts. You can help her along by... Pointing to your own body parts then point to her same body part. I.e point to your own nose, say, "Nose" then point to her nose and do the same. Tell her what each body part does. While she won't understand most of an explanation like this, she will start to grasp easy terms like, "We use our ears to listen." Use a mirror when pointing out basic body parts. While adults know what's on our body without a mirror, your baby needs more information. It's helpful for her to see her little nose in the mirror. Stick to the face at first. Babies tend to pick up facial body parts first, then move on to other advanced body parts. I haven't seen some major study on this, but every baby I know learns their facial features long before items like knees and feet. Maybe it's because the face is so prominent in their world. Belly is actually another good body part to teach early on; besides the face, I've seen babies pick up belly fast. What body part did your baby learn first?

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