Rule number one, if you don't have to move your sleeping baby, don't. Better to let your babe sleep...

move a sleeping baby

Rule number one, if you don't have to move your sleeping baby, don't. Better to let your babe sleep wherever than wake her up. Not because it's bad to wake a sleeping baby, but because we all know how long it can take to get a baby to sleep and YOU need the break. If you do need to move your baby - say she fell asleep on the couch next to you, or you'd like to go to bed, try the following...
  • Make sure she's in a deep sleep. Don't grab her three seconds after she dozes off. If she's been asleep 15 minutes or so, you're likely good to go.
  • Make it less complicated by not allowing her to fall asleep in weird places like that baby swing with all the straps or her car seat. You'll have to get her out by moving straps which may wake her.
  • Ease her down. If you're placing her on your bed or in her crib, try slowly easing her down, and carefully move your hands away.
  • Keep her bedding warm so the shock of cool sheets don't freak her out.
  • Don't try to pull this off in the dark. It seem like a good plan to take your baby into a super dark area. However, the problem here is that you may trip, bump into stuff, or just plain miss the crib altogether. All of which can awaken a sleeping baby. Keep a small nightlight on.
  • If your baby always falls asleep during feedings, swaddle her first so that when you move her, she still feels cozy, as if she was still in your arms.

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