Odds are slim that your baby will be born in the back of the cab - that's pretty much movie...
Odds are slim that your baby will be born in the back of the cab - that's pretty much movie folklore. That said, sometimes babies can come super fast so it pays to be prepared for an emergency scenario. An emergency delivery is typically considered a delivery where your planned medical staff is NOT present. If your baby starts to arrive (I mean REALLY starts to arrive - as in you feel his head pushing down and through your vagina) and you're nowhere near a hospital (or your midwife for a home birth), you and your partner may need the following tips. Here's what to do in an emergency delivery... 1. Know the signs of labor so that you cut your chances of needing an emergency delivery. 2. Call 911 and tell them what's up - they'll send help and can even contact your midwife or doctor for you. 3. Short pants can help you to not bear down. Once you bear down that baby will come. The point is to slow this until trained medical staff can get to you. 4. If possible your partner (the individual who will deliver the baby) should wash their hands well. 5. Find a birthing area and have the mama lay down on her back. She may feel better in a squatting position but this has cons. Squat position can be harder for the person catching the baby and the baby may come faster. If you've never delivered a baby, having the woman in a laying down position can help. 6. You should place blankets, clean cloths, or newspaper under the mama if possible. 7. As the top of the baby's head appears the mama should blow with her cheeks or pant instead of push. The person delivering the baby should apply gentle pressure to the baby's emerging head so that it doesn't pop out too quickly. 8. The pushing process can be slow, never pull on a baby to make him come out faster. 9. If you see a cord around the neck don't panic. Gently hook your finger under the cord, and work it over the baby's head. 10. As the head comes out, support it with your hands. The mama should stop pushing for a minute once the head is clear so that the other person can get some of that mucus and amniotic fluid out of the baby's mouth and nose. Use a suction bulb if you have one. If not, stroke the sides of the baby's nose downward and stroke the chin upwards to help clear fluids. 11. Once the head is delivered, the rest of the baby's body should pop out rather fast. Place your hands on either side of the baby's head, guide it gently downward as the mama pushes and the shoulders should appear. Next guide the baby upwards while supporting his head and shoulders and the rest of his body should slide out. It helps to have a towel or cloth handy because newborns are super slippery. 12. Wrap the baby in whatever clean cloth item is handy and place him on his mama's chest. 13. Do not cut the cord or try to pull the placenta out. If the placenta arrives on it's own, wrap it in a clean cloth, and place it (still attached to the cord) on a clean surface and if possible, elevated above the baby. 14. After a birth new mamas can get the chills, so cover her and the baby up. Try to keep the mama calm and warm until medical help arrives. Keep in mind:
  • It's extremely rare that you'd actually need the tips above. Don't spend your entire pregnancy worrying about an emergency delivery. Odd are that you'll make it to the hospital or your midwife will show up at your house (for a home birth) before you deliver.
  • If you do end up in an emergency situation also remember that your body was made to do this. You can deliver a baby without a doctor or midwife if it comes down to it.
Later; some tips for what to do if something goes wrong during an emergency delivery.

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