Of all the fears I had while pregnant, I think ectopic pregnancy was the worst. I always have had a...
Of all the fears I had while pregnant, I think ectopic pregnancy was the worst. I always have had a touchy stomach and although I didn't have bad morning sickness, I did have cramps. I also had a friend who experienced an ectopic pregnancy. My crazy pregnancy hormones and my brain worked out the following - cramps = ectopic pregnancy. Yikes. I was worried a lot about this, and maybe it's crossed your mind too, especially if you're prone to cramps. Keep the following in mind:
  • Very few pregnancies are actually ectopic.
  • Most are diagnosed before you can feel any cramps
  • By the time your pregnancy is at the eight week mark, you're considered out of the ectopic zone. It's not hard and fast, but almost all ectopic pregnancies are diagnosed before eight weeks.
Learn more about ectopic pregnancy.

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