Ok, I'm going to say right now, that I don't have that many ideas about cute ways to announce your...
Ok, I'm going to say right now, that I don't have that many ideas about cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner. Most of the mamas I personally know didn't take the time to be cute about it, they just flat out announced it (or nervously brought it up in some cases).


But, if you have the time, and know your partner is going to be thrilled, a totally cute pregnancy announcement might be in order. Like....
  • Have a stork, like the one above, ready to greet your partner when they come home from work.
  • Write "We're pregnant!" on a cookie, cupcake, or cake with pretty blue and pink frosting.
  • Make your older child a shirt that says, "I'm going to be a BIG brother/sister!" and send them out to see your partner.
  • Draw a little card for your partner with a family tree style message on it. I'm thinking you on on branch, your partner on another, and a ? or "soon to be" on the line under you two.
  • Send a digital picture of your belly with a cute little baby face drawn on (please use non-toxic paint or make-up for this) to your partner's phone.
  • Save the home pregnancy test and include it in a card. If this doesn't ick you out. Personally I'm leery of saving items I pee on, but maybe that's just me :)
Now, do you have some adorable announcement ideas? Let me know what you did in the comments... [image via Jenny Rollo]

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